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2024-05-14 13:55:31

Stepper motor driver selection analysis

Stepper motors are a popular control device used for accurate position control and speed control in industrial automation systems. Selecting the appropriate stepper motor driver is essential for these kinds of designs.

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2024-05-07 17:15:10

Main parameters and technical guidelines of stepper motors

A thorough understanding of the electrical and mechanical specifications of stepper motors can help select the best stepper motor for automation applications that require control, precision, and reliability.

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2024-03-25 14:50:59

Classification of engraving machines

Mechanical engraving machines can be divided into woodworking, stone, advertising, and metal engraving machines according to the engraving materials. These machines have different advantages when engraving different materials.

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2024-03-22 14:14:14

Several common faults and troubleshooting of CNC laser engraving machines

In the process of using a laser engraving machine, you may encounter some problems that cause the machine to fail to work or the machine processing effect is poor.

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2024-03-14 17:38:24

Induction motor common failure analysis

Induction motors play a vital role in industrial systems and daily life. Their reliable operation is critical to minimizing economic impacts from faults.

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2024-02-19 16:07:36

3 speed control methods for AC motors

AC motor is the most commonly used motor. It does not have a commutator, so it has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacturing, strong and durable.

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2024-02-06 09:29:19

Stepper motor or servo motor, which one to choose?

Selecting the appropriate motor type is essential for obtaining precise motion control in the fields of industrial automation and machine control. Two popular varieties of control motors, each with special qualities and uses, are stepper motors and servo

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2024-01-30 11:00:16

Characteristics and Principles of Motor Phase Loss Faults

The characteristics of a motor phase loss fault are manifested as increased vibration, abnormal noise, high temperature, reduced speed, and increased current. W

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2024-01-30 10:52:38

7 types of Three-phase asynchronous motors speed regulation methods

The formula for the speed of a three-phase asynchronous motor is: n=60f/p(1-s)From this formula, it can be seen that changing the power supply frequency f, the

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2024-01-30 10:40:00

Analysis of Stator Winding Interturn Failure in Motors

IntroductionThe electrical insulation failure in motors includes damage to the insulation within the coils, interturn insulation damage, and insulation failure

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2024-01-30 10:34:43

Low-speed high-torque permanent magnet direct-drive motors in ropeway applications

Traditional passenger ropeway drive systems generally adopt the drive mode of motor plus reducer. The reducer, as a power transmission mechanism, can reduce the

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2024-01-30 10:34:43

Low-speed high-torque permanent magnet direct-drive motors in ropeway applications

Traditional passenger ropeway drive systems generally adopt the drive mode of motor plus reducer. The reducer, as a power transmission mechanism, can reduce the

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2024-01-30 10:23:52

Key Technologies of High-Speed Motors

With the increasing demand for smaller size and higher power, the speed of motors has been continuously increasing. From the initial speed of a few thousand rpm

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2024-01-30 10:21:56

Different Types of Motor Encoders in Industrial Automation

I. What is a Motor Encoder?Motor encoders are devices used in automation control systems or any machines containing motors that require position data. They can

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2024-01-30 10:20:15

Servomotor Encoders All You Need to Know

Introduction to Servomotor EncodersWhat is a Servomotor Encoder?
Servomotor encoders are sensors installed on servomotors to measure the magnetic pole position

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2024-01-30 10:17:51

Why Install Encoders on Motors?

Encoders are used to monitor various parameters, such as current, speed, and the relative position of the rotor in real-time during the operation of a motor. Th

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2024-01-29 15:50:24

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Servo Motor (PMSM) Drive Principles

With the rapid development of modern motor technology, modern power electronics technology, microelectronics technology, permanent magnet materials technology,

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2024-01-29 15:02:32

Differences between Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and Servo Drives

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and Servo Drives are two common types of motor drive devices with different features and applications in various scenarios. Fro

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2024-01-26 15:42:04

Analysis of stepper motor driving methods

Stepper motors are widely used in various industries and applications, from robotics to CNC machines. They offer precise control and positioning, making them an

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2024-01-26 15:37:49

Understanding and Preventing Stepper Motor Miss-Steps and Over-Runs

Stepper motors are open-loop controlled motors that convert electrical pulse signals into angular or linear displacements. They are the main components of moder

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2024-01-26 15:35:24

Operation Protection and Maintenance of Three-phase Asynchronous Motors

IntroductionWith the expansion of the application range of three-phase asynchronous motors and the development of insulation technology, the working environment

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2024-01-26 15:32:24

Common Faults and Solutions in the Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) System of CNC Machining Centers

IntroductionAutomatic Tool Changer (ATC) systems play a critical role in CNC machining centers, allowing for efficient tool changes during the machining process

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2024-01-26 15:20:00

Choosing Between Hub Motors and Mid-Drive Motors for Electric Bicycles

Currently, electric bicycles can be categorized into two types based on the position of the motor: hub motors and mid-drive motors. Cyclists often wonder what t

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2024-01-26 15:18:57

An Overview of Laser Engraving Craftsmanship

I. Introduction
Laser engraving, also known as laser etching, is a type of surface processing craft. Similar to printing and offsetting, they all print text or

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2024-01-26 15:18:01

Safety and Efficiency with Explosion-Proof Motors

An explosion-proof motor is a type of motor that can be used in hazardous locations where flammable gases or vapors may be present. Explosion-proof motors are d

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