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82mm 120/180W 24/48V 3000RPM Planetary Brush Geared Motor


This planetary brush geared motor has a diameter of 82mm and a power of 120/180W. Enjoy smooth operation and low noise levels courtesy of its brush mechanism, making it ideal for applications requiring quiet operation.

Model TypeDC Motor





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1. Double support structure: Adopt dual supporting structure for output shaft so max torque of gearbox is increased a lot

2. Spindle connection: Sun wheel and planetary wheel are connected by spline which increase the max torque of greabox and lengthen the life

3. Inner hole: Double supporting structure;Internal grinding on inner bore of planetary gears making the inner bore of planetary gears making the inner bore roundness less than 0.003mm running by rolling instead

4. Helical tooth:We use helical gear at input stage which make the noise low and run smoothly in high speed.The inner gear ring is separated so that we can make more ratio and the design is flexible

82mm 120/180W Diameter Planetary Brush Geared Motor 82mm 120/180W Diameter Planetary Brush Geared Motor

Product Feature

High Efficiency

Experience superior efficiency with minimal energy loss, ensuring optimal performance in all conditions.

Compact and Robust Design

The 82mm diameter design combines a compact form factor with robust construction, suitable for installations with limited space.

Low Noise Operation

Engineered for low noise, this motor ensures a quiet working environment, ideal for noise-sensitive applications.

Durable Construction

Built with high-quality materials, this motor guarantees durability and long-term reliability even under heavy use.

High Torque Output

Provides significant torque, making it suitable for applications requiring substantial rotational force and precision.

Precision Speed Control

Achieve precise speed control with ease, suitable for applications that demand accurate and variable speed adjustments.

Thermal Protection

Incorporates thermal protection features to prevent overheating, ensuring safe and consistent operation.

Easy Installation

Designed for straightforward installation, reducing setup time and simplifying integration into your systems.

Product Applications

Automated Machinery

Ideal for automated machinery, providing precise and reliable motion control to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Conveyor Systems

Ensures efficient and consistent movement of materials in conveyor systems, streamlining production processes.


Delivers dependable performance for robotics, including robotic arms, mobile robots, and other automated systems.

Medical Equipment

Offers reliable motion control for medical devices, supporting diagnostic and therapeutic applications with accuracy.

Packaging Machinery

Enhances packaging machinery performance, ensuring efficient and precise packaging operations.

Textile Machinery

Suitable for textile machinery, providing reliable control for weaving, knitting, and other textile processes.

Renewable Energy Systems

Supports renewable energy systems such as solar trackers and wind turbines with dependable performance.

Automotive Systems

Efficient and reliable for automotive applications, including electric vehicles and other automotive systems.

HVAC Systems

Ensures quiet and efficient operation in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.



Model Voltage Power No-Load Current No-Load Speed Rated Current Rated Speed Rated Torque
Z82DPN24120-30S 24V 120W 2 3400rpm 7.2A 3000rpm 0.382N.m
Z82DPN48180-30S 48V 180W 1.5 3400rpm 5.5A 3000rpm 0.573N.m
Ratio 3.65 5.36 6.55 8.63 14 19 25 28
Out-put Speed(rpm) 822 560 458 348 222 159 122 107
Allowable Torque(N.m) 1.25 1.84 2.25 2.97 4.33 5.88 7.74 8.66
Reduction Stage 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2
Ratio 34 45 58 67 81 91 103 119
Out-put Speed(rpm) 89 67 52 45 37 33 29 25
Allowable 10.52 13.92 17.95 18.68 22.59 25.38 28.7233.18 -
Reduction Stage 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3
Ratio 128 146 165 192 232 302 393 -
Out-put Speed(rpm) 24 21 18 16 13 9.9 7.6 -
Allowable Torque(N.m) 35.69 40.71 46.01 53.54 64.7 84 84 -
Reduction Stage 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 -


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