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1000W 130mm DS2 Servo Motor and Driver


Experience powerful, reliable motion control with the 1000W 130mm DS2 Servo Motor and Driver. This complete set includes a motor and driver that deliver up to 1000W of continuous output power – perfect for high-precision motion control applications, such as robotics, industrial manufacturing, and automated assembly.



Rated Speed2000rpm

Rated Torque4.77Nm

Voltage (V) Power Driver Model Flange(mm) Motor Model Rated Speed (rpm) Rated torque(N*m)
220V 100W DS2P-01AS 40 DM1M-01A40I8S 3000 0.32
200W DS2P-02AS 60 DM1M-02A60I8S 3000 0.64
400W DS2P-04AS 60 DM1M-04A60I8S 3000 1.27
750W DS2P-08AS 80 DM1M-08A80I8S 3000 2.39
1KW DS2P-10AS 80 DM1M-10A80I8S 3000 3.18
1KW DS2P—10AS 130 DMIS-10A13018S 2000 4.77
1.5KW DS2P—15AS 130 DMIS-15A13018s 2000 7.16
2KW DS2P—20AS 130 DMIS-20A13018S 2000 9.55

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1000W 130mm DS2 Servo Motor and Driver

Product Feature

High-Performance Hybrid Servo Drive System

The hybrid servo drive system is meticulously engineered for precision and high performance. It incorporates advanced communication functions to prevent out-of-step scenarios, ensuring continuous, reliable, and precise operation.

Exceptional Torque Delivery

The system delivers exceptional torque performance, surpassing traditional open-loop systems. It minimizes torque attenuation at high speeds, effectively enhancing the speed and torque output of stepper motors. This robust torque delivery makes it well-suited for demanding applications.

Advanced Integrated Communication

The hybrid servo drive system is equipped with advanced communication capabilities, enabling precise control over position and speed. It seamlessly integrates into existing control systems, facilitating smooth and efficient operation.

Durability and Construction

The system features a durable design crafted from high-hardness metal. This ensures its resilience in harsh industrial environments. The matte textured sidewall enhances grip and durability, further enhancing its longevity.

Adaptability and Customization

The hybrid servo drive system is designed to enhance a wide range of industrial machinery and applications. It improves precision and performance across various operational scenarios. Moreover, it offers customizable options to cater to specific operational requirements, ensuring optimal functionality.

1000W 130mm DS2 Servo Motor and Driver

Product Applications

Industrial Automation

The hybrid servo drive system revolutionizes the efficiency of industrial automation systems, including assembly lines, packaging equipment, and robotic arms. Its precise positioning and motion control capabilities enhance productivity and accuracy.

CNC Machines

Essential for CNC machines like routers, lathes, and milling machines, the hybrid servo drive system ensures accurate positioning of tools and workpieces, resulting in high-quality manufacturing outputs.

Semiconductor & Electronics Manufacturing

The hybrid servo drive system is vital for delicate processes in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, such as die and wire bonding, and component placement. Its exceptional motion control and precise positioning capabilities contribute to the success of these intricate manufacturing processes.

Robotics and Automation

The hybrid servo drive system powers a wide array of robotics applications, from industrial robots to service robots. It facilitates precise and coordinated movements necessary for tasks like welding, assembly, and material handling, enhancing the overall performance and efficiency of robotic systems.

Printing and Packaging Machinery

The hybrid servo drive system enhances the operation of printing and packaging machinery, including high-speed presses and form-fill-seal machines. Its superior motion control capabilities enable exacting tasks, ensuring precise printing and packaging processes.

Machine Tools & Woodworking

The hybrid servo drive system transforms the efficiency of machine tools and woodworking equipment. It provides accurate motion control for operations like cutting, shaping, and drilling, improving the precision and productivity of these processes.

Renewable Energy Systems

The hybrid servo drive system plays a crucial role in renewable energy systems such as solar tracking and wind turbines. It enables precise positioning and control, maximizing energy capture and contributing to the overall efficiency of renewable energy generation.

1000W 130mm DS2 Servo Motor and Driver

Available Options

  1. Voltage
  2. Output Power
  3. Rated Speed
  4. Torque
  5. IP Grade

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