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800W 36-48V BLDC Motor ATV Rear Axle Assembly

This 800W 36-48V BLDC Motor ATV Rear Axle Assembly features a powerful 800W motor, capable of 36-48V power consumption for maximum efficiency. With no need for additional maintenance, this assembly is the perfect addition to any ATV, providing reliable power and consistent performance.

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800W 36-48V BLDC Motor ATV Rear Axle Assembly 800W 36-48V BLDC Motor ATV Rear Axle Assembly

Product Feature

Powerful, efficient operation

Boasting an 800W brushless motor capable of operating within a 36-48V range, this ATV rear axle assembly delivers high-level output for robust applications, enabling maximized efficiency and reliable power.

Maintenance-free Design

With a brushless motor system, this axle assembly significantly reduces the need for regular maintenance, promoting consistent performance and durability.

Speed and Torque

The motor's rated output speed ranges from 130-180rpm, with the capacity to deliver high torque levels (between 41-46Nm), contributing to effective and stable vehicle control.

Noise Level

With its noise reduction features, operational sound is maintained below 65 decibels (dB)(A), ensuring quieter utilization compared to many alternatives.

Product Applications


Optimized for ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) usage, this rear axle assembly is designed to handle tough, rugged terrains while providing the power and performance necessary for recreational and utility off-roading.

Electric Vehicles

This assembly is also suitable for a range of electric vehicle (EV) applications, including custom builds and conversions, where robust power and efficiency are required.

Agricultural Machinery

Its high torque output and durable construction make it ideal for implementing in agricultural machinery, enhancing the capability of motorized farm equipment.

DIY Projects

For enthusiasts interested in building or modifying their own electric vehicles or off-road buggies, this rear axle motor assembly offers both the power and flexibility needed for innovative projects.

800W 36-48V BLDC Motor ATV Rear Axle Assembly



LY-588- 800
Rated voltage
DC 36V/48V
DC 36V/48V
Motor type
brushless motor
brushless motor
Rated power
Reduction ratio
No-load output speed
150 rpm
200 rpm
Rated output speed
130 rpm
180 rpm
Rated Output torque
46 Nm
41 Nm
Rear axle Length
DC24V; 6N.m
DC24V; 6N.m
Noise (db)(A)


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