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100W 24V 40mm DC Servo Motor and Driver


This 100W 24V DC Servo Motor and Driver is an ideal fit for many robotics and automation projects. Its 40mm size and synchronous motion capabilities make it perfect for precise and powerful motion control. With a high efficiency rating of 95%, this motor and driver are sure to keep your project running smoothly.

Model Type100W


Rated Speed3000rpm

Rated Torque0.32Nm

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Driver Specification

  • Operating voltage: 24VDC
  • Output current: peak 10A
  • Suitable motor: 5~100W low-voltage DC servo motor, brushless DC motor with encoder or hollow cup motor
  • Control mode: external pulse (single-ended / differential), analog, CAN bus, RS232 communication control, IO control, etc., support position, speed and torque mode
  • Parameter debugging: RS232 communication, PC debugging software or handheld debugger debugging, can backup and import parameters
  • Abnormal protection: with undervoltage, overvoltage, overload, overcurrent, position deviation is too large, encoder abnormality and other alarm functions
  • Tracking error: ±1pulse
  • Speed control accuracy: ±1PRM
  • Maximum received pulse: 1MHZ
  • Minimum speed: 1RPM
  • Maximum no-load acceleration: 200PRM/ms
100W 24V 40mm DC Servo Motor and Driver 100W 24V 40mm DC Servo Motor and Driver

Product Feature

High Efficiency and Power

The 100W 24V 40mm DC Servo Motor and Driver deliver high efficiency and robust power output, making it ideal for a range of demanding applications.

Precision Motion Control

With advanced servo control technology, this motor and driver provide precise motion control, ensuring accurate positioning and smooth operation.

Compact Design

The compact 40mm frame size allows for easy integration into various systems and machinery, even where space is limited.

Durable and Reliable

Constructed from high-quality materials, this servo motor and driver system is designed for durability and long-term reliability, even in challenging environments.

Product Applications

Automation Systems

Ideal for automation systems, this servo motor and driver provide precise and efficient control, enhancing the performance and accuracy of automated processes.


Perfect for robotic applications, the 100W servo motor and driver offer reliable and repeatable motion control, essential for advanced robotic functions.

Conveyor Belts

Suitable for conveyor belt systems, this servo motor ensures smooth and precise operation, improving the efficiency and reliability of material handling processes.

Medical Equipment

This servo motor and driver system is well-suited for medical equipment, providing accurate and reliable motion control necessary for delicate and precise operations.

100W 24V 40mm DC Servo Motor and Driver



Model Power(W) Volatge(VDC) Current(A) Flange(mm) Shaft Dia.(mm) Rated Speed(RPM) Rated Torque(N·m) Encoder(PPR) Motor Length(mm) Length with Brake(mm) Driver
ACL40100W4- 2500E-24-8 100 24 7.5 40 8 3000 0.32 2500 99 136.3 IDS306
ACL60600W4- 2500M-48-14 600 48 22 60 14 3000 1.91 2500 159 199.8 IDS850
ACL1301300W4- 2500M-48-22 1300 48 40 130 22 2500 5 2500 160 204 IDS8100
ACL1301500W4- 2500M-48-22 1500 48 47 130 22 2500 6 2500 160 204 IDS8100


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