VLF Series Reducer
  • VLF Series Reducer

  • Model:VLF Series
    Weight (Kg):3.7
    Average lifetime (H):20000
    Lubricating:Synthetic grease lubrication
    Levels of protection:IP65
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Model Unit VLF078 Ratio Stage
Rated output torque N.m 92 5  
41 9  
Emergency stop torque N.m 2 times Rated output torque 1
Norminal input speed rmp 3000    
Maximum input speed rmp 6000    
Maximum radial force N 2000    
Maximum axial force N 1800    
Efficiency % Single [97%]  
Average lifetime h 2000  
Weight kg 3.7   1
Moment of inertia kgcm2 0.291 5 1
0.12 9
Noise dB 65    
Lubricating   Synthetic grease lubrication  
levels of protection   IP65


VLF Series Reducer


  • 1. Adopt straight tooth gear transmission, through carburizing and quenching treatment, tooth profile modification treatment, ensure smooth operation, low noise.
  • 2. Simple structure, mass production, and fast delivery time and high cost performance.
  • 3.Reducer has a complete range, which can meet the needs of most reducer in the market.


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