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NEMA52 1.2° 3-Phase Hybrid Stepper Motor

This NEMA52 3-Phase Hybrid Stepper Motor is engineered to perfection, providing accurate motion control with its convenient 1.2° step angle. This precision motor is designed for high torque and smooth operation, delivering industrial-level performance with precision accuracy.

Model TypeStepper Motor

Step Angle1.2°

Temperature Rise80℃ Max

Ambient Temperature-20℃Max~+50℃

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STEPPERONLINE  provides different kinds of hybrid 3 phase stepper motor. Compared to 2-phase motors, 3 phase stepper motor can provide more torque and it has a better performance in over-loading. That is to say, when the load gains, no like other steppers, 3 phase stepper motor will not stall easily. And it has a good dynamic property at the same time.As 3-phase motor has a smaller step angle than 2-phase motors, it moves more smoothly. Under the condition of having the same rotor teeth, 3-phase motors has less vibration and higher precision than 2-phase motors.

Electrical Specification:

  • Manufacturer Part Number: 130HC
  • Number of Phase: 3
  • Step Angle: 1.2 deg
  • Holding Torque: 15-50 Nm(2124-7080oz.in)
  • Rated Current/phase: 7-10 A
  • Phase Resistance: 0.75-1.82± 10%
  • Inductance: 7.65-18.5mH ± 20%(1KHz)

Physical Specification:

  • Frame Size: 130 x 130 mm
  • Body Length: 201.5 mm
  • Shaft Diameter: Φ24 mm
  • Shaft Length: 42 mm
  • keyway Shaft Length: 30 mm
  • Number of Leads: 3
  • Lead Length: 300 mm
  • Weight: 6-22 kg
NEMA52 1.2° 3-Phase Hybrid Stepper Motor

Product Feature

High Torque

This stepper motor delivers a high holding torque of 12Nm, making it ideal for demanding applications that require strong and consistent power.

3-Phase Operation

Features a 3-phase configuration, offering smooth and efficient performance with reduced vibration and noise.

Hybrid Design

Combines the best features of both permanent magnet and variable reluctance stepper motors, providing high performance and reliability.

Precision Control

Offers high precision control, ideal for applications requiring accurate positioning and detailed movement.

Durable Construction

Constructed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance in industrial environments.

Robust Performance

Designed to withstand rigorous use, providing consistent and reliable performance in various conditions.

Easy Integration

Designed for easy integration into existing systems, simplifying installation and reducing setup time.

Product Applications

CNC Machinery

Ideal for CNC machinery, providing reliable and precise control for milling, cutting, and engraving tasks.


Suitable for robotics, delivering accurate and controlled movement for various robotic mechanisms.

Automated Manufacturing

Perfect for automated manufacturing systems, ensuring efficient and reliable performance in production lines.

Medical Equipment

Applicable in medical equipment, ensuring precise and reliable operation in sensitive and critical applications.

3D Printers

Used in 3D printers, offering precision control for accurate layer deposition and high-quality prints.

Textile Machinery

Ideal for textile machinery, providing high torque and precision control for various textile processing tasks.

Packaging Machines

Suitable for packaging machines, ensuring consistent and controlled movement for packaging operations.



Model No Step Angle Rated Current Phase Resistance Phase Inductance Holding Torque Motor Length Wiring Motor Weight
(°) (A) (Ω) (mH) (Kg.cm) (mm) (Kg)
130HC125-10003 1.2 10 0.83 7.65 15 125 Four-pin Plug 6
130HC135-10003 1.2 10 0.82 7.99 17 135 7
130HC139-10003 1.2 10 0.75 9 20 139 8
130HC230-10003 1.2 10 1.3 12.66 40 230 18
130HC286-7003 1.2 7 1.82 18.5 50 286 22


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