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Nema 24 1Axis 400Ncm 5A Closed Loop Stepper Kit


Nema 24 1Axis 400Ncm 5A Closed Loop Stepper Kit is a comprehensive solution for precise and controlled motion in your automation projects.

Model TypeStepper Motor


Rated Torque(Ncm)400




Motor Specification

Part Number 24HS40-5004D-E1000
Number of Phase 2
Holding Torque 4.0 Nm (566.56 oz.in)
Rated Current/Phase 5.0 A
Phase Resistance 0.6 ohms
Inductance 2.6 mH ± 20% (1 KHz)
Frame Size 60 x 60 mm
Body Length 125 mm
Shaft Diameter Φ10 mm
Shaft Length 21 mm
D-Cut Shaft Length 15 mm
Lead Length 300 mm

Encoder Specification

Output Circuit Type Differential type
Encoder Type Optical Incremental
Encoder Resolution 1000 PPR (4000 CPR)
Output Signal Channels 2 channels
Supply Voltage Min 4V
Supply Voltage Max 5V
Output Current 100 mA
Output High Voltage 5V
Output Low Voltage 4.5V
Output Frequency Max 60 kHz

Driver Specification

Part Number CL57T
Output Peak Current 0-8A
Input Voltage +24-48VDC (Typical 36VDC)
Logic Signal Current 7-16 mA (Typical 10 mA)


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