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Desktop 8080 Pro 3 Axis CNC Router with 1.5-2.2KW Spindle


The Desktop 8080 Pro 3 Axis CNC Router is a powerful and reliable tool for all your machining needs. It comes equipped with a powerful 1.5-2.2KW spindle, allowing for high-precision results and accurate cuts of a wide variety of materials. This machine delivers outstanding performance, allowing you to easily tackle any task. It's the perfect tool for advanced users and professionals.

Model Type800*800*80mm

Machine TypeCNC Router

Number of Axes3

No. of SpindlesSingle

Product Display

Desktop 8080 Pro 3 Axis CNC Router with 1.5-2.2KW Spindle

Product Feature

High-Precision 3-Axis Control

Offers precise control with its 3-axis system, ensuring accurate and detailed machining.

Powerful Spindle Options

Equipped with a versatile spindle option of 1.5KW to 2.2KW, providing the necessary power for various tasks.

Robust Construction

Built with a durable frame to ensure stability and long-term reliability during operation.

User-Friendly Interface

Features an intuitive interface that simplifies operation, making it accessible for both beginners and professionals.

High-Speed Performance

Capable of high-speed operations, increasing productivity and efficiency in machining processes.

Compact Design

Designed to fit on a desktop, making it ideal for small workshops or personal use.

Versatile Material Compatibility

Can handle a variety of materials including wood, plastic, and soft metals, providing flexibility in applications.

Desktop 8080 Pro 3 Axis CNC Router with 1.5-2.2KW Spindle

Product Applications


Ideal for creating detailed prototypes for various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods.


Perfect for intricate woodworking tasks such as carving, engraving, and cutting.

Custom Sign Making

Used in creating custom signs with detailed designs and precision.

Jewelry Making

Suitable for crafting intricate jewelry pieces with high precision.

Educational Purposes

Great for educational institutions to teach students about CNC machining and digital fabrication.

Hobbyist Projects

Ideal for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts looking to create precise and detailed projects.

Desktop 8080 Pro 3 Axis CNC Router with 1.5-2.2KW Spindle



Model Name CNC8080pro
Working Area 800*800*80mm
Spindle Motor 800w 1500w 2200w Spindle
Machine Size 1116*1066*379mm
Packing Size 1125*590*290mm
Repeatability 0.1mm
Control System Multi-function control box
Use Software Candle
Packing Weight 48kg


Technical Documents Downloads

File NameSizeDownload

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