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9V 1400W 6500KV Brushless Motor For RC Boat


Model TypeDC Motor


Voltage (V)9

Rated Speed (RPM/V)6500

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The brushless motor with a water cooling system is specifically designed for RC boats. With its high speed rating of 6500KV, this motor delivers impressive performance on the water. The compact dimensions make it suitable for various boat models, while the 4 poles 12 slot design ensures high torque output, enabling quick acceleration and precise control.

Equipped with a water cooling system, this motor effectively dissipates heat generated during operation, enhancing its overall reliability and longevity. The excellent torque and long run time of the motor contribute to extended playtime and an enjoyable boating experience.

Product Feature


  • 4-stage 12-slot motor design for high torque
  • CNC machined billet, 6061-T6 aluminum heat sink for efficient heat dissipation
  • High purity copper coil for maximum performance and power delivery
  • High-speed ABEC5 oversized bearings for smooth and reliable operation
  • Highly balanced rotor for enhanced stability and precise control
  • Ultra-thin (0.2mm) stator blades for optimized airflow and reduced weight
  • Removable/replaceable rotor for convenient maintenance and customization
  • Precision design for maximum energy conversion and efficiency

Product Applications


The motor features the latest CNC milling machine technology, resulting in a high-power and high-speed design. The precision-balanced rotor ensures smooth operation, providing optimal reliability and maximum speed on the water. Whether you're engaging in casual recreational boating or competitive racing, this brushless motor is an ideal choice for RC boat enthusiasts looking for top-notch performance and durability.

Tips:Do RC boats need to be cooled?

An essential part of radio-controlled electric boating is keeping the unit cool. In most cases, the ESC and motor need to be water cooled to keep them cool. It is recommended that the motor and ESC temperature be kept below 140F or 60C.



9V 1400W 6500KV Brushless Motor For RC Boat
Model: BLDC-RB-2958
Rotational Speed: 6500KV
Maximum Current: 155A
Maximum Voltage: 9V
Maximum Power: 1400W
Length: 58mm
Diameter: 29mm
Winding Method: DELTA
Number of Turns: 2T
No-load Current: 4.2A
Max Seed: 60000KV
Shaft: 3.175mm
Number of Rotor Stages: 4
Weight: 165g
9V 1400W 6500KV Brushless Motor For RC Boat


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