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90W AC Induction Gear Motor

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90W AC Induction Gear Motor

$43.57 - $51.35

This 90W AC Induction Gear Motor is designed to be exceptionally efficient and reliable. Featuring a superior induction design and high-grade internal components, it operates with 90W of power, making it perfect for powerful, yet energy-saving applications.

Motor TypeInduction motor

Output Power (W)90

Voltage (V/Hz)100-380 50/60

Rated Speed (r/min)1250/1550

Motor Type
Lead Wire Type
Output Power
Starting Torque
Rated Torque
Rated Torque
Pinion Shaft Round Shaft
0IK3GN-B 0IK3A-B 3 1ph110 50 0.12 5 11 2500 1.5
0IK3GN-B 0IK3A-B 3 1ph110 60 0.13 5 10 3000 1.5
0IK3GN-D 0IK3A-D 3 1ph220 50 0.06 5 11 2500 0.35
0IK3GN-D 0IK3A-D 3 1ph220 60 0.064 5 10 3000 0.35


The ac induction motor has become the most often used motor due to the phenomenal expansion of the ac power system. The ac motor has a more straightforward construction and is simpler to produce than a dc motor because it lacks a commutator, which makes it straightforward to create motors with high speeds, high voltages, huge currents, and enormous capacities. The power of an alternating current motor may vary from a few watts to hundreds of thousands of kilowatts or even a million kilowatts.

  • 1. Outstanding torque characteristics
  • 2. Instant start/stop
  • 3. Reliable starting and directional stability
  • 4. Near-silent operation for noise-sensitive applications
  • 5. Under rated frequency, the speed status is invariable and unaffected by voltage.
  • 6. Winding will not be damaged if the motor is overwhelmed or abruptly stopped.
  • 7. High-quality engineering guarantees a quiet and long-lasting performance.
Application Image
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