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90W 90mm Flange Electric AC Gear Motor


This 90W 90mm flange electric AC gear motor is a reliable and powerful motor perfect for a variety of applications. It offers efficiencies up to 88%, allowing for maximum performance with minimum energy consumption. The wide speed range and low operating noise make this motor ideal for long-term use.

Model TypeSpeed Adjustable Motor

Output Power (W)90

Voltage (V/Hz)100-230 50/60

Rated Speed (r/min)90-1350/1650

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Speed adjustable motor is applied with a variable frequency drive or comparable technology to regulate motor speed and torque. Variable speed motors enable goods and manufacturing facilities to significantly decrease the amount of energy spent by the motors in their devices by putting these critical variables of motor performance under the control of the operator.

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Product Feature

High-Efficiency Operation

Boasting efficiencies up to 88%, this AC gear motor drives maximum performance with minimum energy consumption, making it suitable for energy-conscious applications.

Wide Speed Range

With a speed control range of 90-1700 r/min, this motor ensures versatility in a plethora of tasks, offering users exacting control over their operations.

Controlled Starting Current

The motor is designed to start with a controlled current, reducing power spikes and enhancing the longevity of your power system.

Quiet Performance

The motor operates with low noise, making it ideal for environments where noise pollution is a concern.

Adjustable Torque & Speed

Equipped with torque limit adjustment and variable speed operation, this motor allows for meticulous control over your processes.

Energy Conservation

With features like controlled acceleration and stopping, the gear motor contributes to significant energy savings over time.

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Product Applications

Process Industries

From conveyor systems that minimize idle power loss to pumps and blowers that precisely control flow, this motor is a staple in the process industries for its efficiency and control.

Manufacturing Facilities

The ability to adjust to the needs of various manufacturing tasks, including material handling such as weighfeeders and screwfeeders, makes this motor an essential component of dynamic production environments.


In automation, where precision is key, this motor's speed and torque control are critical. Robotics and advanced machinery benefit from its consistent and controlled performance.


With controlled starts and energy conservation, this motor is optimal for electric vehicles, providing reliable power with lower energy demand.

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Speed adjustable motors are widely used in all of the process industries, such as conveyors to reduce idle running power loss, Pumps and blowers to control flow and energy, compressors to optimize running, Weighfeeders and screwfeeders to control the addition of materials, electric crane, electric vehicle, robotics and a variety of other industrial applications.



Motor Type
Lead Wire Type
Output power
Speed Control Range r/min Rated Torque Starting Torque
Pinion Shaft
5IK90RGU-AF 5IK90RA-AF 90 1ph100 50 90-1400 710 230 405 2.75 25
5IK90RGU-AF 5IK90RA-AF 90 1ph100 60 90-1700 710 260 405 2.75 25
5IK90RGU-EF 5IK90RA-EF 90 1ph110 60 90-1700 710 260 410 2.6 20
5IK90RGU-EF 5IK90RA-EF 90 1ph120 60 90-1700 710 260 410 0.23 20
5IK90RGU-CF 5IK90RA-CF 90 1ph220 50 90-1400 710 230 410 1.2 5
5IK90RGU-CF 5IK90RA-CF 90 1ph230 50 90-1400 710 230 410 1.2 5
5IK90RGU-HF 5IK90RA-HF 90 1ph220 60 90-1700 710 260 410 1.25 5
5IK90RGU-HF 5IK90RA-HF 90 1ph230 60 90-1700 710 260 410 1.25 5


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