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90W 1 phase AC gear reversible motor with speed controller


This 90W 1 phase AC gear reversible motor with adjustable speed controller is a powerful solution for many industrial applications. It comes with an efficient design that minimizes losses and a rugged frame for maximum reliability. Its speed controller supports a wide range of input frequencies and enables precise control for your projects.

Model TypeReversible Motor

Output Power (W)90

Voltage (V/Hz)100-230 50/60

Rated Speed (r/min)1250/1550

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Reversible motors have an included basic brake that allows them to stop and change direction in a reasonable amount of time, making them the ideal choice for situations where the motor has to change direction regularly. Reversible motors are available in power ranges from 6W to 120W, and users may choose a gearbox with a parallel shaft to lower output speed and increase torque.

Product Feature

Enduring Torque Ouput

The Lunyee 90W 1-phase AC gear motor delivers a superior torque of 16Nm, guaranteeing the power necessary for the most demanding applications. Even under strenuous conditions, it provides reliable performance, making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks that demand a high torque output.

Control with Variable Speed

Our 90W AC gear motor features a broad speed range from 0-135RPM, providing users with precise control over operational speed. This motor's speed controller lets you adjust speed to match application demands, promising optimal performance in a variety of scenarios.

Reversible for Dynamic Operations

Engineered as a reversible gear motor, our motor's bidirectional operation capabilities make it ideal for equipment requiring changes in rotational direction, such as conveyor systems and hoists.

Designed for Energy Efficiency

This 90W AC gear motor is built to maximize energy efficiency — a key feature that reduces operational costs. Ideal for constant use in industrial settings where energy efficiency is vital, it helps optimize resource utilization and promotes sustainability.

Applications Across Industries

Sturdy Industrial Machinery

Our AC gear motor is a perfect fit for heavy machinery that demands resiliency, power, and the ability to adapt to varying loads. It provides reliable performance across a variety of industrial environments and applications.

Product Applications

Automotive Industry Champion

In the automotive industry, our motor offers commendable performance, especially in equipment needing torque and reversing capabilities. It suits assembly lines, maintenance platforms, and other automotive machinery.

Agricultural Robustness

Whether it's for processing, harvesting, or material handling, our AC motor integrates seamlessly with agricultural machinery demanding high-torque. It enhances the operation of equipment like conveyors, grain augers, and harvesters.

Home Appliance Manufacturing Wonder

For home appliance manufacturing, our AC gear motor is a popular choice for its adaptability and efficiency. It is ideal for appliances needing quiet operation, durability, and precise control.

Tailor-made for your Needs

Our AC gear motor's capabilities extend beyond the mentioned industries. We can modify our motor to meet the unique requirements of your specialized machinery or specific applications, across various sectors.



Model Type Above:gearbox below in():round shaft Output power W Voltage V Frequency Hz Current A Starting torque mN.m Rated tourque mN.m Rated speed r/min Capacitor μF
Lead Wire Type Terminal Box Type
5RK90GU-AF 5RK90GU-AFT 90 1ph100 50 1.78 470 700 1250 30
(5RK90A-AF) (5RK90A-AFT) 90 1ph100 60 2.35 470 570 1550 30
5RK90GU-EF 5RK90GU-EFT 90 1ph110 60 1.72 700 570 1550 25
(5RK90A-EF) (5RK90A-EFT) 90 1ph120 60 1.72 570 570 1550 25
5RK90GU-CF 5RK90GU-CFT 90 1ph220 50 0.82 560 700 1250 6
(5RK90A-CF) (5RK90A-CFT) 90 1ph230 50 0.81 560 700 1250 6
5RK90GU-HF 5RK90GU-HFT 90 1ph220 60 0.81 560 570 1550 6
(5RK90A-HF) (5RK90A-HFT) 90 1ph230 50 0.8 560 570 1550 6


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