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800W 48V 12-16Inch 220RPM 100N.m Brushless Geared Hub Motor


This 800W 48V brushless geared hub motor is perfect for electric vehicles. Its 12-16 inch diameter and 220 RPM speeds generate up to 100N.m torque for a powerful driving experience. This efficient, reliable motor is a great choice for your next electric vehicle.

Model TypeHub Motor

Output Power (W)800

Voltage (V)48

Rated Speed (rpm)220

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800W 48V 12-16Inch 220RPM 100N.m Brushless Geared Hub Motor

Product Feature

Powerful Performance

Equipped with a robust 800W output and 48V rated voltage, this motor delivers up to 100N.m of torque, ensuring a powerful driving experience.

Versatile Sizes

A range of motor sizes including 12, 13, 15, and 16 inches to match various vehicle requirements and design specifications.

Optimized for Efficiency

This motor's brushless design optimizes power utilization, offering a balance of speed and endurance with 220RPM rated speed for extended range.

Adaptable Installation

With an open size of 155mm and shaft dimensions well-suited for a variety of installations, this motor is designed for seamless integration.

User-Centric Design

Durable build and energy-efficient operation reduce operational costs and contribute towards sustainability.

800W 48V 12-16Inch 220RPM 100N.m Brushless Geared Hub Motor

Product Applications

Electric Vehicles Integration

Perfect for a range of electric vehicles including e-trikes and e-bikes, enhancing urban mobility and transport efficiency.

Commercial and Industrial Use

Ideal for commercial trolleys, industrial trucks, wheelbarrows, and sweepers, meeting diverse operational demands.

Last-Mile Delivery

Empowers electric cargo bikes and trikes for last-mile delivery services, reducing emissions and improving urban logistics.

Security Operations

Supports law enforcement and security fleets by providing reliable motorization for patrol vehicles and mobile units.

800W 48V 12-16Inch 220RPM 100N.m Brushless Geared Hub Motor



Rated voltage 48V
Rated power 800W
Motor size 12 inch, 13 inch, 15 inch, 16 inch
Open size 155mm
Shaft diameter 10mm
Shaft length 168mm
Tire diameter 300mm
Torque 100N.m
Main scope of application trolleys, trucks, wheelbarrows, sweepers


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