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6IK120GU 120W 110/220V 1-3phase AC motor


The 6IK120GU motor provides up to 120W of AC power and operates at voltages of up to 110/220V with a 1-3phase configuration. This ideal motor choice for heavy-duty applications offers reliable operation and extended lifespan.

Model TypeSpeed Adjustable Motor

Output Power (W)120

Voltage (V/Hz)100-230 50/60

Rated Speed (r/min)90-1350/1650

Product Display

Speed adjustable motor is applied with a variable frequency drive or comparable technology to regulate motor speed and torque. Variable speed motors enable goods and manufacturing facilities to significantly decrease the amount of energy spent by the motors in their devices by putting these critical variables of motor performance under the control of the operator.

Product Feature

High Output Power

With an output power of 120W, this motor is capable of performing high-demand tasks, providing ample strength for various applications.

Dual Voltage Compatibility

Designed for versatility, the motor operates on voltages of 100-230V at 50/60 Hz, ensuring it meets global electrical standards.

Speed and Torque Control

Speed adjustable with a range of 90-1700 r/min and supported by a variable frequency drive, the motor offers precise speed control and torque limit adjustment.

Energy Efficiency

Reducing power demand at startup and during operation, this motor is engineered for energy conservation and operational cost savings.

Enhanced Start-Up Characteristics

Features controlled acceleration to reduce mechanical stress and ensure a longer lifespan, along with a controlled current at startup for a smoother operation.

Product Applications

Industrial Automation

Ideal for use in automated machinery or production lines requiring exact control over motor speed and torque.

Energy Saving Systems

Its focus on energy conservation makes it perfect for applications that demand reduction in energy consumption without sacrificing performance.

Torque-Sensitive Operations

Adjustable torque settings are critical for applications involving torque-sensitive processes where precision is key.

Commercial Equipment

It can be deployed in commercial environments for powering conveyors, lifts, and other mechanical systems that value controlled starting and stopping.

Innovative Technology Implementations

Where new technological solutions are integrated, this motor can drive innovation with its adaptable speed and torque control.



Motor Type Lead Wire Type Output power W Voltage V Frequency Hz Speed Control Range r/min Rated Torque Starting Torque mN.m Current A Capacitor μF
120r/min mN.m 120r/min mN.m
Pinion Shaft Round Shaft
6IK120RGU-AF 6IK120RA-AF 120 1ph100 50 90-1400 750 360 530 3.65 30
6IK120RGU-AF 6IK120RA-AF 120 1ph100 60 90-1700 750 360 530 3.65 30
6IK120RGU-EF 6IK120RA-EF 120 1ph110 60 90-1700 750 360 520 3.3 20
6IK120RGU-EF 6IK120RA-EF 120 1ph120 60 90-1700 750 360 520 0.23 20
6IK120RGU-CF 6IK120RA-CF 120 1ph220 50 90-1400 750 330 530 1.55 8
6IK120RGU-CF 6IK120RA-CF 120 1ph230 50 90-1400 750 330 530 1.55 8
6IK120RGU-HF 6IK120RA-HF 120 1ph220 60 90-1700 750 360 530 1.65 8
6IK120RGU-HF 6IK120RA-HF 120 1ph230 60 90-1700 750 360 530 1.65 8


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