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60W Brush DC Gear Motor


This Brush DC Gear Motor offers a powerful 60W output, providing precise and consistent operation. The motor is designed for high efficiency, enabling it to run smoothly for extended periods of time.

Model TypeBrush DC Gear Motor

Output Power (W)60

Voltage (V)12/24

Speed with Load (rpm)2800

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A Brush DC Motor, which is powered by direct current, allows for precise speed control. The Brush DC Motor provides constant and consistent current by using rings to power a magnetic drive that powers the motor's armature. The Brush DC Motor, perhaps one of the oldest utilized motors, is widely employed due to its ability to change the speed-torque ratio in practically any manner.

Product Feature

High Efficiency

This 60W brushed DC gear motor is designed for high efficiency, ensuring optimal performance and minimal energy loss across various applications.

Robust Gearbox

Featuring a robust gearbox, this motor provides high torque at lower speeds, making it ideal for tasks that require powerful, consistent force.

Compact Design

With its compact and space-saving design, this motor can be easily integrated into tight spaces, suitable for applications where space is limited.

Durable Construction

Constructed with high-quality materials, this motor ensures long-lasting durability and reliable performance even under demanding conditions.

  • 1. Easy installation and maintenance
  • 2. High torque and starter power
  • 3. Quick start-up, stop-up, and acceleration
  • 4. Reasonably low overall construction costs
  • 5. Availability in a variety of common voltages
  • 6. Suitable for extreme working conditions

Product Applications

Industrial Machinery

Perfect for industrial machinery, this motor provides reliable and efficient power for conveyor belts, packaging machines, and other automated systems.

Home Appliances

Ideal for home appliances such as mixers, vacuum cleaners, and fans, this motor offers efficient and quiet operation, enhancing the user experience.

Automated Systems

Suitable for automated systems including robotic arms and assembly lines, this motor ensures precise and consistent performance for improved productivity.

DIY Projects

From custom-built robots to small-scale mechanical devices, this motor is great for DIY projects, providing versatile and reliable power for creative applications.



Voltage 12V/24V/customized
Power 60W
No-load speed 3000 rpm
Load speed 2800 rpm
Torque 136mN.m
Brush life 2000 hours
Reduction ratio 3-18


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