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6-750W 110-380V Micro AC Gear Motor with speed controller


This 6-750W 110-380V Micro AC Gear Motor comes with a speed controller, allowing users to adjust the speed easily and precisely for a variety of applications. Its robust design and powerful motor make it a reliable and cost-effective solution for all sorts of projects.

Model TypeInduction motor

Output Power (W)6-750

Voltage (V)110-380

Rated Speed (r/min)1680

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6-750W 110-380V Micro AC Gear Motor with speed controller

Product Feature

Precision Speed Control

Equipped with a high-quality speed controller, this Micro AC Gear Motor allows precise speed adjustments to cater to varying industrial demands, ensuring optimal performance for every application.

Versatile Power Range

With a wide output power range of 6-750W, this motor can adapt to a spectrum of jobs, from delicate machinery operation to robust industrial tasks.

Wide Voltage Adaptability

The motor's capability to operate on various voltages from 110 to 380V highlights its adaptability in diverse geographical locations and power systems.

Robust Motor Design

Designed for resilience, the robust construction of the motor guards against wear and tear, ensuring longevity and reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Optimized Rated Speed

With a top-rated speed of 1680 revolutions per minute, this motor is optimized for tasks that require both speed and precision, delivering consistent results.

6-750W 110-380V Micro AC Gear Motor with speed controller

Product Applications

Industrial Manufacturing

Due to its powerful motor and reliable speed control, this gear motor is ideal for diverse manufacturing processes that necessitate stringent speed regulations.

Conveyor Belt Systems

The Micro AC Gear Motor's versatility makes it a perfect fit for conveyor belt systems in production lines, where consistent and controllable speeds are vital.

Automation and Robotics

As robotic and automated systems require meticulous speed control for precise operations, this motor with its included speed controller is an excellent choice for such advanced technologies.

Medical Equipment

In the medical field, equipment demands pinpoint accuracy for patient safety. This motor's reliable performance and precise speed adjustment are critical for such sensitive applications.

Packaging Machinery

With the need for reliable, consistent speed and torque, this Gear Motor ensures that packaging operations are carried out smoothly, efficiently, and with the utmost precision.

6-750W 110-380V Micro AC Gear Motor with speed controller



The following are the specifications that our company's Micro AC gear motors 6-750w can achieved. You can also contact us to tell us the power, voltage, torque and other parameters you need. We can accept and customize. and You can also contact us for drawings and detailed parameters.
Band name
Out Power
6w 15w 25w 40w 60w 90w 120w 140w 180w 200w 250w 300w 370w 400w 750w
42mm 60mm 70mm 80mm 90mm 104mm 120mm
110v 120v 220v 230v 380v
50Hz 60Hz
Single phase Three phase
Rated speed
1200r/min 1300r/min 1350r/min 1450r/min 1550r/min 1600r/min 1680 r/min
Starting torque
0.04N.M - 9.019N.M
Rated torque
Motor Shaft type
Pinion shaft      Round shaft     Keyway
Accessories that can be added
gear box
Terminal box
w/fan w/ forced fan
eleceromagnetic brake
Micro ac gear motor type 
Reversible motor
Torque motor
Speed control motor
Right angle gear motor
Brake motor


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