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51V 7000W 130KV Outrunner Sensored Brushless DC Motor


Model TypeDC Motor


Voltage (V)51

Rated Speed (RPM/V)130KV

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The 7000W outrunner sensored brushless DC motor is a versatile and powerful motor suitable for a variety of applications. Its high power output of 7000W makes it ideal for demanding tasks that require significant power delivery. The 130KV rotation speed ensures efficient performance, allowing for precise control and smooth operation. With a high torque of 17 N.m, this motor can handle heavy loads and provide reliable performance under challenging conditions.

The motor's maximum current rating of 148A allows for robust operation without the risk of overload. Its 12mm shaft diameter makes it compatible with different systems and enables easy integration into various devices. Additionally, the motor's excellent heat dissipation capabilities ensure reliable and stable operation, even during prolonged and intense usage.

Product Feature

High Power Output

This 51V, 7000W sensored brushless DC motor delivers exceptional power, making it suitable for high-performance applications requiring robust and consistent performance.

Sensored Design

The sensored design of this motor ensures precise control and smooth operation, especially at low speeds, enhancing overall efficiency and performance.

High Efficiency

With a 130KV rating, this motor offers high efficiency, providing excellent speed-torque characteristics for a variety of demanding applications.

Durable Construction

Built with high-quality materials, this motor ensures long-lasting durability and reliability, even under continuous and demanding use.

Product Applications

Electric Vehicles

Ideal for electric vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and scooters, this motor provides the necessary power and efficiency for smooth and powerful propulsion.

Aerospace Applications

Perfect for aerospace applications such as drones and small aircraft, this motor offers reliable and high-performance power for demanding flight conditions.

Industrial Automation

Suitable for industrial automation systems, this motor powers conveyor belts, robotic arms, and other automated machinery, ensuring precise and efficient operation.

Marine Applications

Due to its robust and efficient design, this motor is ideal for marine applications including electric boats and watercraft, providing reliable and powerful performance in aquatic environments.

Tips:Does the 7000W outrunner sensored brushless DC motor come with gears?

In fact, this is not the definition of the cogging effect. We describe the cogging effect as the result of the interaction between the slotted stator and the permanent magnet in an outrunner motor. Motors with sensors add only one sensor to help determine the rotor position. Therefore, the cogging effect does exist in the 7000W outrunner brushless sensor motor.



51V 7000W 130KV Outrunner Sensored Brushless DC Motor
Model: BLDC-80100
Max Power: 7000W (9 hp)
Rotation Speed KV (RPM/V): 130KV
Max Current: 148A
Max Input Voltage: DC 51V
Max Torque: 17 N.m
Recommend ESC: 6-14S 200A
Motor Length: 107mm
Motor Diameter: 80mm
Weight: 3.96 lb/1.82 kg
Shaft Diameter: 12mm
Thread Size of Shaft: M12
Sensor: Yes

Note: The motor is powered by 14S batteries, S is the number of batteries, and the voltage of every battery is 3.7V DC.

ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) Selection forE-Board BLDC Motor

  • The speed of the BLDC motor does not exceed the speed of ESC, it can be matched and used.
  • Brushless DC motor speed calculation formula: battery voltage * motor KV value.Brushless DC motor stator speed calculation formula: motor KV value * battery voltage * motor pole pairs.
  • The limit speed of the V4 series ESC is 60000 ERPM.The limit speed of the V6 series ESC is 15000 OERPM.
  • If the maximum speed of the BLDC motor exceeds the speed of the electric speed controller, the ESC can also be matched by reducing the working voltage of the motor. But we do not recommend this, because it does not really play the role of a brushless DC motor.

ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) Specification

51V 7000W 130KV Outrunner Sensored Brushless DC Motor
Model Current Value Number of Batteries (Input Voltage)
FSESC 4.12 Continuous 50A, peak 240A 3S-12S (8V-60V)
FSESC 4.20 Continuous 50A, peak 240A 3S-12S (8V-60V)
VESC6.6 integrated switch dual drive version 1-channel 100A continuous, 2-channel 200A continuous1-channel peak 400A, 2-channel total peak 800A 3S-12S (8V-60V)
VESC6.6 integrated switch dual drive version 1-channel 100A continuous, 2-channel 200A continuous1-channel peak 400A, 2-channel total peak 800A 3S-12S (8V-60V)
FSESC6.7 VESC6.6 single drive integrated Continuous 70A, peak 200A 3S-12S (8V-60V)
VESC4 dual drive integration * 50A continuous 1-channel, peak 100A 2-channel, peak 300A 2-channel 3S-12S (8V-60V)
ODESC3.6 single drive/dual drive 50A continuous 1-channel, peak 120A 1-channel 3S-12S (8V-60V)
VESC6 dual drive 1-channel 100A continuous, 2-channel 200A continuous1-channel peak 400A, 2-channel total peak 800A 3S-12S (8V-60V)
Single drive V6 75200 Continuous 200A 3S-12S (8V-60V)
Single drive VESC6 waterproof version Continuous 60A, peak 150A 3S-12S (8V-60V)

Note: If you need to learn more details about the ESC controllers, please contact us.


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