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500-600mm Optical axis Ball screw linear guide module


This 500-600mm optical axis ball screw linear guide module offers superior precision. With its linear motion system, enjoy smooth and accurate movements with a positioning accuracy of up to 0.03mm. Perfect for precision engineering and machinery.

Model TypeAluminum alloy

Product NameGGP Slide Module

Screw model1204/1605/1610


Product Display

500-600mm Optical axis Ball screw linear guide module

Product Feature

Precision Ball Screw Mechanism

This linear guide module features a high-precision ball screw mechanism, ensuring smooth and accurate linear motion for various applications.

Adjustable Length

Available in lengths of 500mm and 600mm, this module can be tailored to meet different project requirements, offering flexibility in design and installation.

High Load Capacity

Designed to support substantial loads, this linear guide module is suitable for heavy-duty applications, ensuring stability and reliability.

Durable Construction

Constructed with high-quality materials, this module guarantees long-lasting performance and durability, even in demanding environments.

500-600mm Optical axis Ball screw linear guide module

Product Applications

CNC Machinery

Ideal for CNC machinery, this linear guide module provides precise and smooth linear motion, essential for accurate machining and cutting operations.

3D Printing

Perfect for 3D printing applications, this module ensures precise positioning and movement, resulting in high-quality printed parts.


Suitable for robotic applications, this linear guide module enables accurate and repeatable linear motion, enhancing the performance of robotic systems.

Automated Assembly Lines

From small-scale assembly to large industrial setups, this module provides reliable and precise linear motion, improving efficiency and accuracy in automated assembly lines.

500-600mm Optical axis Ball screw linear guide module



Item Content
Applicable Industries Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Printing Shops, Energy & Mining
Weight (KG) 4
Video Outgoing-Inspection Provided
Machinery Test Report Provided
Marketing Type Ordinary Product
Warranty of Core Components 1 Year
Core Components Bearing
Place of Origin Henan, China
Condition New
Warranty 6 Months
Brand Name LUNYEE
Material Aluminum+Stainless Steel
Product Name Ball Screw Slide
Model Number 1204/1605/1610
Guide Width 50-300MM
Length Customized Length
Application Linear Motion Machine
Structure Lead Screw, Guide Rail, Bearing, Motor
Performance Linear Guide Rail
Certificate CE


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