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400W 220V 3000rpm 60mm M1 Servo Motor And Servo Driver


This 400W, 220V Servo Motor and Driver set is the perfect choice for high-torque, high-accuracy motion control applications. This powerful unit boasts a 3000rpm rotational speed and a 60mm diameter, giving you fast, precise motion control. Its M1 motor type ensures a smooth and reliable operation.

Power (W)400

Voltage (V)220

Rated Torque (N·m)1.27

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400W 220V 3000rpm 60mm M1 Servo Motor And Servo Driver 400W 220V 3000rpm 60mm M1 Servo Motor And Servo Driver 400W 220V 3000rpm 60mm M1 Servo Motor And Servo Driver 400W 220V 3000rpm 60mm M1 Servo Motor And Servo Driver

How to choose suitable servo motor?

  • 1. Confirm torque/speed/power ( Providing any two parameters is ok)
  • 2. Choose the motor flange size (Commonly is 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 90mm, 110mm, 130mm, 150mm, 180mm, 200mm)
  • 3. Confirm servo motor accuracy: incremental encoders (2500 lines/5000 lines) Or absolute encoders (17-bit/20-bit/23-bit).
  • 4. Select suitable motor driver.

Product Feature

High Precision Control

The 400W 220V 3000RPM 60mm M1 Servo Motor and Servo Driver provide high precision control, ensuring accurate and consistent performance in a variety of demanding applications.

High Torque and Speed

This servo motor delivers a powerful 400W output with a speed of 3000RPM, making it suitable for applications requiring high torque and speed.

Robust and Durable Design

Constructed with premium materials, the M1 servo motor and driver system is designed to withstand harsh environments, offering long-lasting durability and reliability.

Advanced Feedback System

Equipped with an advanced feedback system, this servo motor and driver ensure precise position and speed control, enhancing the overall efficiency of your machinery.

Product Applications

CNC Machinery

Ideal for CNC machinery, this servo motor and driver provide precise and smooth motion control, essential for accurate machining and cutting operations.


Suitable for robotic applications, the M1 servo motor and driver offer reliable and repeatable motion control, enhancing the performance and precision of robotic systems.

Automated Assembly Lines

Perfect for automated assembly lines, this servo system ensures precise and efficient motion control, improving the speed and accuracy of assembly processes.

Textile Machinery

In textile machinery, this servo motor and driver system deliver accurate and consistent motion control, ensuring high-quality production and increased productivity.

400W 220V 3000rpm 60mm M1 Servo Motor And Servo Driver



Voltage(V) Driver Power Driver Model Flange(mm) Motor power Motor Model Servo
Rated speed (r/min) Torque(N.M)
220V 800W EPS-M1-080808AA-0000 60 0.4KW 60DNMA2-0D40DKAM 3000 1.27
EPS-M1-0808AA-0000 80 0.75KW 80DNMA2-0D75DKAM 3000 2.39
1.5KW EPS-M1-1515AA-0000 80DNMA2-0D75CKAM 2000 3.58
EPS-M1-151515AA-0000 1KW 80DNMA2-0001DKAM 3000 3.18
130 1.2KW 130DNMA2-01D2DKAM 3000 3.18
1KW 130DNMA2-0001CKAM 2000 4.77
1.5KW 130DNMA2-01D5DKAM 3000 4.77
110 1.5KW 110DNA-15DK1AMS 3000 4.77
1.2KW 110DNA-12CK1AMS 2000 4.77
1KW 110DNA-10CQ1AMS 2000 4.77
1.8KW 110DNA-18DK1AMS 3000 5.73


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