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400W 220-380V Three-phase AC Gear Reduction Brake Motor


This 400W 220-380V three-phase AC gear reduction brake motor is perfect for applications requiring precise positioning and a holding torque. The advanced gearing system gives you reliable, consistent, and quiet operation, offering reliable and efficient power output.

Model TypeBrake motor

Output Power (W)400

Voltage (V)220-380

BrakeHand release / DC24V brake

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400W 220-380V Three-phase AC Gear Reduction Brake Motor

Product Feature

High Output Power

With a robust 400W output, this motor is capable of handling heavy-duty applications, offering reliable and efficient power delivery.

Wide Voltage Range

Operating smoothly across a voltage range of 220-380V, this motor is adaptable to various power supplies and industrial standards.

Advanced Brake System

Incorporating a choice of hand release or DC24V brakes, this motor provides precise positioning and holding torque, ideal for applications requiring immediate stopping and holding.

Wide Range of Geared Reduction Ratios

With a vast array of reduction ratios from 3 to 1800, the motor suits a wide range of speed and torque requirements, ensuring tailored performance.

Durable Construction

Constructed from high-quality aluminum and designed for both horizontal and vertical installations, the motor guarantees longevity and versatility in mounting options.

Optimal Operating Conditions

Engineered for operation in environments with a temperature range of -10℃~+40℃ and humidity of ≤90%, ensuring reliable function under various conditions.

400W 220-380V Three-phase AC Gear Reduction Brake Motor

Product Applications

Automated Machineries

Its precision braking and varied gearing options make it perfect for complex automated machinery requiring exact positioning.

Manufacturing Equipment

From production lines to packaging, the motor excels in applications where robust power and operational efficiency are key.

Construction and Material Handling

Reliable for heavy-duty lifting and material transport applications, ensuring safety and precision in construction sites and warehouses.

Medical Devices

With its precise control and quiet operation, it's ideally suited for medical appliances where precision and reliability are paramount.

Home and Commercial Appliances

This motor serves as the heart of various appliances like air conditioners, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and automatic gates, providing potent and dependable performance.

400W 220-380V Three-phase AC Gear Reduction Brake Motor



Power 100W~7500W
Voltage 1-phase 110V/ 220V
3-phase 220V/ 380V
Output Shaft Dia (mm) 18 / 22/ 28/ 32/ 40/ 50 /60
Ratio 3、5、10、........1800
Brake Hand release / DC24V brake
Environment Temperature: -10℃~+40℃ Humidity: ≤90%
Installation Horizontal/ Vertical
Material Aluminum
Usage Air conditioner, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, automatic gate, power tool, medical appliance


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