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380V 7.5kw 220mm 1500rpm B1 Servo Motor And Servo Driver

Introducing the 380V 7.5kw 220mm 1500rpm B1 Servo Motor and Driver. This high-performance motor provides precision, accuracy, and efficiency for numerous operations. With its maximum speed of 1500rpm and a rated output of 7.5kw, this servo motor and driver will meet your expectations.

Power (W)7500

Voltage (V)380

Rated Torque (N·m)47.8

Voltage Power Driver Model Flange
380V 1KW EPS-B1-0001BA-A000 130 130DNMB1-0001AKAM 1000rpm 9.55N.m
380V 1KW EPS-B1-0001BA-A000 130 130DNMB1-0001BKAM 1500rpm 6.37N.m
380V 1KW EPS-B1-0001BA-A000-G 130 130DNMB2-0001CKAM 2000rpm 4.77N.m
380V 1KW EPS-B1-0001BA-A000-G 130 130DNMB1-0001DKAM 3000rpm 3.18N.m
380V 1.2KW EPS-BI-01D2BA-A000 130 130DNMB1-01D2CKAM 2000rpm 5.73N.m
380V 1.5KW EPS-BI-01D5BA-A000 130 130DNMB1-01D5AKAM 1000rpm 14.33N.m
380V 1.5KW EPS-BI-01D5BA-A000 130 130DNMB1-01D5BKAM 1500rpm 9.55N.m
380V 1.5KW EPS-BI-01D5BA-A000 130 130DNMB2-01D5CKAM 2000rpm 7.16N.m
380V 1.5KW EPS-BI-01D5BA-A000 130 130DNMB1-01D5DKAM 3000rpm 4.77N.m
380V 2KW EPS-B1-02D2BA-A000 130 130DNMB2-0002BKAM 1500rpm 12.73N.m
380V 2.2KW EPS-B1-02D2BA-A000 130 130DNMB2-0002CKAM-Z02 2000rpm 9.55N.m
380V 3KW EPS-BI-0003BA-A000 130 130DNMB2-0003CKAM 2000rpm 14.33N.m
380V 3KW EPS-BI-0003BA-A000 130 130DNMB1-0003DKAM 3000rpm 9.55N.m
380V 3KW EPS-BI-0003BA-A000 180 DNBB18-0003AK1AMS 1000rpm 28.6N.m
380V 3KW EPS-BI-0003BA-A000 180 DNBB18-0003BK1AMS 1500rpm 19.1N.m
380V 3KW EPS-BI-0003BA-A000 180 DNBB18-0003CK1AMS 2000rpm 14.33N.m
380V 3.7KW EPS-B1-04D5BA-A000 180 DNBB18-03D7AK1AMS 1000rpm 35N.m
380V 4KW EPS-B1-04D5BA-A000 130 1300MB1-04D5DKAM 3000rpm 12.73N.m
380V 4KW EPS-B1-04D5BA-A000 180 DNBB18-0004BK1AMS 1500rpm 25.5N.m
380V 4KW EPS-B1-04D5BA-A000 180 DNBB18-0004CK1AMS 2000rpm 19.1N.m
380V 4.5KW EPS-B1-04D5BA-A000 130 I300MB1-04D5DKAM 3000rpm 14.33N.m
380V 4.5KW EPS-B1-04D5BA-A000 180 DNBB18-04D5BK1AMS 1500rpm 28.6N.m
380V 4.5KW EPS-B1-04D5BA-A000 180 DNBB18-04D5CK1AMS 2000rpm 21.5N.m
380V 5KW EPS-B1-05D5BA-A000 180 DNBB18-0005CK1AMS 2000rpm 23.8N.m
380V 5.5KW EPS-B1-05D5BA-A000 180 DNBB18-05D5BK1AMS 1500rpm 35N.m
380V 7.5KW EPS-B1-07D5BA-A000 180 DNBB18-07D5BK1AMS 1500rpm 47.7N.m
380V 7.5KW EPS-B1-07D5BA-A000 220 DNBB22-07D5BK1AMS 1500rpm 47.8N.m
380V 8.5KW EPS-B1-08D5BA-A000 200 200DMB1-08D5CEAM 1500rpm 54.1N.m
380V 11KW EPS-B1-0011BA-A000 200 200MMB1-0011BEAM 1500rpm 70N.m
380V 11KW EPS-B1-0011BA-A000 200 20DMB1-0011CEAM 2000rpm 52.5N.m
380V 15KW EPS-B1-0015BA-A000 200 2000MB1-0015BEAM 1500rpm 95.5N.m
380V 22KW EPS-B1-0022BA-A000 200 200DMB1-0022BEAM 1500rpm 140N.m

Product Display

380V 7.5kw 220mm 1500rpm B1 Servo Motor And Servo Driver 380V 7.5kw 220mm 1500rpm B1 Servo Motor And Servo Driver 380V 7.5kw 220mm 1500rpm B1 Servo Motor And Servo Driver 380V 7.5kw 220mm 1500rpm B1 Servo Motor And Servo Driver

How to choose suitable servo motor?

  • 1. Confirm torque/speed/power ( Providing any two parameters is ok)
  • 2. Choose the motor flange size (Commonly is 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 90mm, 110mm, 130mm, 150mm, 180mm, 200mm)
  • 3. Confirm servo motor accuracy: incremental encoders (2500 lines/5000 lines) Or absolute encoders (17-bit/20-bit/23-bit).
  • 4. Select suitable motor driver.

Product Feature

Precision Perfected

Engineered for unparalleled precision, this servo motor and driver duo boasts an integrated hybrid servo drive system with advanced communication capabilities. Bid farewell to out-of-step issues as you experience seamless and reliable operation.

Torque Reigns Supreme

Step into the realm of power with torque delivery that surpasses expectations. With high-speed torque attenuation lower than open-loop drives, enjoy enhanced performance and robust torque for even the most demanding applications.

Communication at its Core

Experience the future of control with integrated communication features. Seamlessly communicate and command precise position and speed control, ensuring your machinery moves with unparalleled accuracy.

Built to Endure

Crafted with durability in mind, this servo motor and driver duo are forged from high-hardness metal, designed to withstand the harshest industrial environments. The matte textured sidewall adds an extra layer of grip and resilience.

Versatile and Adaptive

Flexibility is key, and this servo motor and driver duo deliver. From a wide range of industrial machinery to bespoke applications, elevate the precision and performance of your equipment with ease. Customizable solutions are available to cater to your specific requirements.

Product Applications

Industrial Symphony

Transform your industrial processes with precise motion control. From pick-and-place machines to robotic arms, this servo motor and driver combo ensures flawless execution in every step of the production line.

Crafting with Precision

Enter the world of CNC machines where every cut, every carve is a masterpiece. Whether it's milling, lathing, or routing, trust in this servo motor and driver to deliver accurate and repeatable positioning, every time.

Semiconductor Sensation

Delve into the intricate world of semiconductor and electronics manufacturing. From die bonding to component placement, rely on this servo motor and driver to provide the precision and control needed for flawless production.

Robotic Revolution

Empower your robots to perform with unmatched precision and agility. From industrial robots to collaborative cobots, this servo motor and driver duo enables seamless and coordinated movements, revolutionizing automation.

Printing Precision

Enter the realm of printing and packaging where every detail matters. From labelers to high-speed printing presses, trust in this servo motor and driver to handle precise web handling, registration, and motion control with finesse.

Crafting with Finesse

From machine tools to woodworking equipment, elevate your craft with unparalleled precision and motion control. Whether it's shaping, cutting, or drilling, this servo motor and driver duo ensures accuracy in every operation.

Harnessing Renewable Energy

Join the green energy movement with precision positioning and control. From wind turbines to solar tracking systems, this servo motor and driver optimize energy capture for a sustainable future.

380V 7.5kw 220mm 1500rpm B1 Servo Motor And Servo Driver

Available Options

  1. Voltage
  2. Output Power
  3. Rated Speed
  4. Torque
  5. IP Grade

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