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25W 80MM BLDC Gear Motor

This 25W 80MM Brushless DC Gear Motor is designed to deliver smooth rotation and top-tier torque in motion control applications. Its brushless design and high-precision gearbox provide quiet, reliable, and efficient operation.

Model Type25W



Motor TypeBrushless

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This motor has the optional accessories: gearbox, controller, encoder, brake.

For DC brushless motor, we can make from 10W to 500W with all voltage and speed ratio.

Motor voltage,power and speed will be customized according to your requests under the allowed circumstance of adoptable dimension

If you have interest or demand, you can send inquiry for details

Gearbox Ratio, Speed and Torque:

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Product Feature

Highly Efficient, Brushless Design

This 25W 80MM BLDC Gear Motor features a brushless design that ensures silent, reliable, and efficient operation. It delivers top-tier torque and smooth rotation, making it ideal for any motion control applications.

Variable Specifications

The motor has a wide range of acceptable voltage from 100V to 220V, making it versatile for various applications. Furthermore, its speed, power, and voltage can be customized according to customer requirements within dimensional constraints.

Compact Structure

The motor flaunts a compact design with a flange size of 80mm. Despite its small size, it doesn't compromise on the power, delivering a rated power of 25W.

Suitable for Additional Accessories

This motor is compatible with additional accessories such as gearbox, controller, encoder, and brake, enhancing its utility for diverse setups.

Protection Grade IP65

With the protection grade of IP65, it ensures a high level of protection from dust and waterjets, making it suitable for various environmental conditions.

Product Applications

Motion Control

The motor's reliable and efficient operation makes it perfect for motion control applications where smooth rotation and high torque are critical.

Versatile Applications

The wide voltage range and ability to be customized according to speed and power make this motor ideal for a whole host of different applications.

Space-efficient Installations

Its compact design allows for installations in applications with specific size constraints, expanding its usage to various industry verticals.

Coupling with Additional Accessories

Its compatibility with a host of additional accessories like gearbox, controller, encoder, and brake extends its utility to applications that require enhanced control and versatility.

Applications in Demanding Environments

With the IP65 protection grade, it can be reliably deployed in applications that are exposed to dusty environments or waterjets and maintain its optimal performance.



Model Voltage (V) Frequency (HZ) Rated Power (W) Rated Current (A) Rated Speed (RPM) Rated Torque (N.m) Grade Protection IP
Z2BLD25-220GN 220-230 50/60 25 0.35 3000 0.08 65
100-120 50/60 25 0.65 3000 0.08 65


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