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25W 12-24V 80mm mini ac induction motor


This 25W mini ac induction motor is an efficient and powerful solution for your small-scale applications. Its 12-24V voltage range ensures compatibility with different power sources. With its 80mm size, it fits even the tightest spaces.

Model TypeMicro AC Motor

Output Power (W)25

Voltage (V)12-24

Rated Speed (rpm)1350-1680

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25W 12-24V 80mm mini ac induction motor

Product Feature

Compact, High-Torque Output

Our mini AC induction motor stands out with an output power of 25W and offers substantial torque, delivering the necessary power for various applications. This compelling feature ensures high reliability even under challenging conditions and is particularly fit for applications that require compact but powerful motors.

Wide Voltage Range and Speed

This micro AC motor has a wide voltage range of 12-24V and a rated speed of 1350-1680 RPM, providing precise control and superb adaptability across different power sources and operational scenarios.

Reversible and Speed-Adjustable Operation

Our motor is engineered as a reversible and speed-adjustable motor, offering the capability to change rotational direction with ease and adjust speed as needed. This is particularly beneficial for equipment requiring adjustments in rotational directions and speed, enhancing both flexibility and performance.

Energy Efficient and Space-Saving Design

Designed to maximise energy efficiency and conserve space, this 80mm AC induction motor reduces operational costs over time and can fit seamlessly into limited spaces. These attributes make it an ideal choice for continuous applications in industrial and commercial settings where energy efficiency and space optimization are vital.

25W 12-24V 80mm mini ac induction motor

Product Applications

Small-Scale Industrial and Commercial Use

With its robust engineering and compact design, our motor is perfect for small-scale industrial and commercial applications. It can handle the rigors of various equipment and offer reliable performance in tight spaces.

Robotics and Automation

With its combination of compact size, precision, adaptability, and variable speed, our AC induction motor is an excellent choice for robotics and automation applications.

Home and Appliance Manufacturing

Our mini AC induction motor is also an optimal choice for manufacturers of home and small appliances requiring quiet, durable, and precise motor operation.

Highly Customisable for Diverse Applications

Beyond the standard offerings, our motor can be customized to meet specific requirements. With options for output power, output shaft types, voltage types, and more, our mini AC induction motor can be tailored to fit a multitude of specialized tasks across diverse sectors.

25W 12-24V 80mm mini ac induction motor



AC Motor models available
Motor Flange Size
60 mm / 70mm / 80mm / 90mm / 104mm
Moter Type
AC induction Motor / speed-adjustable motor/ reservible motor/ brake motor 
Output Power
6W / 15W / 25W / 40W / 60W / 90W / 120 W / 150w/ 180w/ 200W / 200W / 300W/ 370w/400w/ 750w (Can Be Customized)
Output Shaft
Round Shaft, D-Cut Shaft, Key-Way Shaft (Can Be Customized)
Voltage type
AC single phase/ three phases 110V/120v/220v/ 380v /415v
Electric Brake; speed controller
Gearbox frame size
60 mm / 70mm / 80mm / 90mm / 104mm /120mm
Gear Ratio
Type Of Pinion
GN Type / GU Type
Gearbox Type
Regular Square Case gearbox / Right Angle Gearbox / L Type Gearbox


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