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250W 24V PMDC Gear Motor with electromagnetic brake

This 250W 24V PMDC Gear Motor with electromagnetic brake offers efficient performance with its permanent magnet design and high torque capabilities. The motor is able to provide continuous torque up to 20N.m and its electromagnetic brake offers efficient and reliable braking power.

Model Typedc gear motor

Output Power (W)250

Voltage (V)24

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250W 24V PMDC Gear Motor with electromagnetic brake

Product Feature

Robust Electromagnetic Braking System

Integrates a high-reliability electromagnetic brake to ensure immediate stoppage for safety and precision in applications requiring sudden halts.

High-Torque Gear Design

Employs a specialized gear mechanism tailored to provide maximum torque output, making it suitable for heavy-load applications.

Energy-Efficient Operation

Designed with energy conservation in mind, this motor utilizes advanced technology to deliver high performance while minimizing power consumption.

Extended Operational Life

Constructed with top-grade materials and a design focused on durability, offering an extended lifespan even in rigorous industrial environments.

Customizable Output

Offers flexibility in performance with options for speed and torque adjustments, catering to a wide range of technical requirements.

250W 24V PMDC Gear Motor with electromagnetic brake

Product Applications

Automated Machinery

Perfectly suited for integration into various automated machinery setups, including assembly lines, packaging systems, and robotics for improved efficiency and reliability.

Material Handling Equipment

Optimal for use in equipment like conveyors, lifts, and feeder systems, facilitating smooth and controlled movement of materials.

Renewable Energy Projects

An excellent choice for applications in renewable energy projects, such as solar trackers and wind turbine adjustments, thanks to its robust performance and reliability.

Medical Devices

Safely delivers precise and controlled movements, making it ideal for medical devices that require high accuracy and reliability.

Automotive and Transportation

Utilizes its high torque and efficient operation for automotive applications, including electric vehicle drivetrains and braking systems.

250W 24V PMDC Gear Motor with electromagnetic brake



MY1016Z 24V 250W MOTOR
Voltage 24V
Power 250W
Motor speed 2400 / 3700 RPM
Output speed 75/120/160 rpm
Rated torque ≥45mm
No-load current ≤ 4.0 A
Rated current ≤13.7 / 14.8 A
Working hours S2 : 60
Insulation class E
Reduction ratio 23.2 : 1
Motor efficiency ≥ 70 / 76 %
Load capacity 100kg/pcs
Application wheelchair


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