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250W 24V Brush DC Gear motor with electromagnetic brake


This 250W 24V Brush DC Gear Motor boasts a robust, reliable design and includes an electromagnetic brake for enhanced stopping power. Its superior performance makes it an ideal choice for a variety of applications, from robotics to medical equipment.

Model TypeBrush DC Gear Motor

Output Power (W)250

Voltage (V)12/24

Speed with Load (rpm)75/120/160

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A Brush DC Motor, which is powered by direct current, allows for precise speed control. The Brush DC Motor provides constant and consistent current by using rings to power a magnetic drive that powers the motor's armature. The Brush DC Motor, perhaps one of the oldest utilized motors, is widely employed due to its ability to change the speed-torque ratio in practically any manner.

Product Feature

Strong and Reliable Construction

Furnished with a robust design for reliable performance
Includes an electromagnetic brake to enhance stopping power
Appropriate for extreme working conditions
With an added feature of easy installation and maintenance

Superior Performance Output

Boasts of high torque and starter power
Quick start-up, stop-up, and acceleration
Proposed for applications which require consistent speed control
Impressive load capacity of 100 kg/pcs

Convenient Voltage Options

Availability in common voltages, 12V and 24V
No-load current ≤ 4.0 A and Rated current ≤13.7 / 14.8 A
Features S2:60 Working Hours for steady performance
Insulation class E for safety measures

Highly Efficient Design

Motor efficiency that touches up to 70 / 76 %
Features a reduction ratio of 23.2:1
Leverages Brush DC technology for constant and consistent current
Allows precise speed control with speed options of 75, 120 and 160 rpm

Product Applications

Robotic Applications

Most suitable for robotic applications with the need for fast, dynamic movements
Demands requiring superior performance including precise speed control

Various Industry Usage

Widely employed in electric propulsion, paper machines, cranes, and steel rolling mills
Often found in household products and minor appliances
Prominently utilized in power seats and windshield wipers in the automobile sector

Medical and Packaging Sectors

Often found in dispensing equipment in the medical and packaging sectors
Ideal for tasks requiring efficient and reliable operations in these sectors

Suitable for Harsh Environments

Brush DC motors aptly suite for harsh environments due to limited or no external components
Perfect for applications necessitating durability amidst extreme working conditions



Voltage 24V
Power 250W
Motor speed 2400 / 3700 RPM
No-load speed 75rpm/ 120 rpm/160rpm
Output speed 75/120/160 rpm
Rated torque ≥ 45 mm
No-load current ≤ 4.0 A
Rated current ≤13.7 / 14.8 A
Working hours S2 : 60
Insulation class E
Reduction ratio 23.2 : 1
Motor efficiency ≥ 70 / 76 %
Load capacity 100kg/pcs
Application wheelchair


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