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250W 24V 75rpm 120rpm 160rpm DC wheelchair motor


This 250W 24V DC wheelchair motor is perfect for any mobility application, with three different speed options of 75, 120, and 160rpm for maximum control and performance. Enjoy the reliability and efficiency that comes with this high-power motor.

Model TypeHub Motor

Output Power (W)250

Voltage (V)24

Rated Speed (rpm)120

Product Display

hub 1.0 description pic

Product Feature

Versatile Speed Selection

This motor offers three distinct speed settings of 75, 120, and 160rpm to accommodate different mobility needs and ensure superior control.

Optimized for Mobility

With an output power of 250W and 24V operation, this hub motor is specifically designed for wheelchair applications, offering reliable and efficient performance.

Durable and High Torque

It provides a rated torque of ≥4.5Nm and a robust reduction ratio of 23.2:1, making it capable of handling loads up to 100kg while maintaining smooth operation.

Energy Efficient

An impressive motor efficiency of ≥70/76% means more power is converted into movement, reducing energy waste and extending battery life.

Extended Operational Duration

Engineered to work for S2 duty cycle of 60 minutes, ensuring consistent performance during prolonged use.

hub 1.0 description pic

Product Applications


Its high torque and variable speeds make it ideal for powering electric wheelchairs, providing users with a range of motion options for different environments and terrains.

Personal Mobility Aids

Designed to meet the demands of various personal mobility devices, this motor enhances the user's freedom and independence.

Rehabilitation Equipment

This motor can be integrated into advanced rehabilitation equipment, promoting recovery through assisted movement.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

With its precision and durability, it's also suitable for use in AGVs commonly employed in manufacturing and warehousing operations.

Robotics Projects

DIY enthusiasts and robotics hobbyists can leverage this motor for custom projects that require controlled and sustained motion.

250W 24V 75rpm 120rpm 160rpm DC wheelchair motor



Parametter Table

MY1016Z 24V 250W MOTOR
Motor speed
2400 / 3700 RPM
Output speed
75/120/160 rpm
Rated torque
No-load current
≤ 4.0 A
Rated current
≤13.7 / 14.8 A
Working hours
S2 : 60
Insulation class
Reduction ratio
23.2 : 1
Motor efficiency
≥ 70 / 76 %
Load capacity


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