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200W 12-24V Brushed PMDC Gear Motor for Wheel Chair

This 200W 12-24V PMDC motor is optimized for maximum performance, providing a reliable and efficient driving force for wheel chairs. With its robust construction and high torque output, this motor is guaranteed to last in demanding environments.

Product Feature

1. Optimized Performance

The 200W 12-24V brushed PMDC motor is designed for maximum performance, offering a reliable and efficient driving force intended for wheelchair use.

2. Robust Construction

Robust and durable by design, this motor is crafted to withstand demanding environments, enhancing its life and value for users even in challenging conditions.

3. High Torque

With a high torque output of 30N.m to 20N.m, this motor guarantees optimal force for efficient wheelchair propulsion.

4. Lower Noise Levels

The PMDC motor operates at low noise levels, less than 65dB, ensuring smooth and silent movement for wheelchair users.

Product Applications

1. Wheelchairs

Aligned with the dataset, this motor is optimized for use in wheelchairs, empowering individuals with physical constraints with mobility independence.

2. Mobility Scooters

Given its compact size and high torque output, this motor can also be utilized to power lightweight electric mobility scooters, enhancing mobility for the elderly and disabled.

3. Automation in Healthcare Devices

Incorporating this motor into healthcare devices can significantly enhance their operation and efficiency, offering improved solutions for individuals with physical limitations.

4. Personal Transportation Vehicles

Given its power, this motor is suitable for integration in personal transportation vehicles used in indoor environments such as workplaces or large residential complexes.



Silver white
Silver white
Speed no load
Noise no load
Current no load
Rated power
Rated current
Rated torque
Rated speed
Voltage of brake
Current no load
Torque of brake >=30N.m
Manual clutch Have
200W 12-24V Brushed PMDC Gear Motor for Wheel Chair 200W 12-24V Brushed PMDC Gear Motor for Wheel Chair 200W 12-24V Brushed PMDC Gear Motor for Wheel Chair


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