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20-48W 1.15 mNm 3V Micro DC Motor

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20-48W 1.15 mNm 3V Micro DC Motor

This 20-48W 1.15 mNm 3V Micro DC Motor is designed to deliver reliable, high-powered performance. Its wide range of torque output can produce up to 1.15 mNm and offers excellent torque for its size. It has a power range of 20-48W and operates at a voltage of 3V, making it a suitable choice for a wide range of applications.

Motor TypeMicro DC Motor

Power(K/W)20 / 48

Voltage (V)3

Rated Speed (n0)13250 min⁻¹

Values at 22° and nominal voltage Value
Nominal voltage UN 3 V
Terminal resistance R 5.4 Ω
Efficiency, max. ηmax. 69 %
No-load speed n0 13250 min⁻¹
No-load current I0 0.016 A
Stall torque MH 1.15 mNm
Friction torque MR 0.034 mNm
Speed constant kn 4526 min⁻¹/V
Back-EMF constant kE 0.221 mV/min⁻¹
Torque constant kM 2.11 mNm/A
Current constant kI 0.474 A/mNm
Slope of n-M curve Δn/ΔM 11475 min⁻¹/mNm
Rotor inductance L 53 µH
Mechanical time constant τm 6.1 ms
Rotor inertia J 0.051 gcm²
Angular acceleration αmax. 229 ·10³rad/s²
Thermal resistance Rth1/Rth2 20 / 48 K/W
Thermal time constant τw1/τw2 4.2 / 242 s
Operating temperature range -30 ... 85 °C
Winding temperature, max. 85 °C
Housing material steel, nickel plated
Mass 4.5 g
Direction of rotation clockwise, viewed from the front face
Speed up to nmax. 16000 min⁻¹
Number of pole pairs 1
Magnet material NdFeB


Lunyee 3V Micro DC Motor is a small, electric motor that runs on direct current (DC) power. It is commonly used in a variety of applications such as toys, small appliances, and electronic devices. These motors are known for their high power-to-weight ratio and ability to operate at high speeds. They also have a low voltage requirement which makes them easy to integrate into many different types of projects.

  1. wide operating powerful rare-earth magnet
  2. temperature range: -30°c to +85°c (optional: +125°c)
  3. no cogging torque, highly dynamic performance, presice speed control
  4. low current and starting voltage extremely compact and lightweightweight
  5. design with integrated encoder all-steel housing with corrosion-resistant coating
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