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1kw 80mm 3000rpm B1 Servo Motor And Servo Driver


This 1kw 80mm 3000rpm servo motor and driver kit provides robust, reliable, and accurate precision motion control. Boasting a wide range of output power and a sleek industry-standard design, enjoy a powerful, efficient driving force for your business needs.

Model TypeAC Synchronous Servo Motor

Output Power (W)1000

Voltage (V)220

Rated Speed (r/min)3000

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1kw 80mm B1 Servo Motor And Servo Driver 1kw 80mm B1 Servo Motor And Servo Driver 1kw 80mm B1 Servo Motor And Servo Driver 1kw 80mm B1 Servo Motor And Servo Driver

How to choose suitable servo motor?

  • 1. Confirm torque/speed/power ( Providing any two parameters is ok)
  • 2. Choose the motor flange size (Commonly is 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 90mm, 110mm, 130mm, 150mm, 180mm, 200mm)
  • 3. Confirm servo motor accuracy: incremental encoders (2500 lines/5000 lines) Or absolute encoders (17-bit/20-bit/23-bit).
  • 4. Select suitable motor driver.

Product Feature

High-Speed Performance

The 1kW 80mm 3000RPM B1 Servo Motor delivers exceptional high-speed performance, making it suitable for applications requiring rapid motion control. Its ability to operate at 3000 RPM ensures swift and precise movements, enhancing productivity.

Compact and Lightweight Design

With its compact and lightweight design, this servo motor offers versatility and ease of integration into various systems. Its small form factor makes it ideal for applications where space is limited, without compromising on performance.

Integrated Servo Driver

Equipped with an integrated servo driver, this motor simplifies the setup process and enhances overall system efficiency. The integration ensures seamless communication between the motor and the driver, resulting in smoother operation and reduced installation time.

Precise Positioning

Featuring precise positioning capabilities, this servo motor enables accurate control over the movement of mechanical components. It ensures precise positioning of tools and workpieces in CNC machining, robotics, and automation applications, contributing to high-quality output.

Enhanced Thermal Management

Designed with advanced thermal management technology, this servo motor effectively dissipates heat to maintain optimal operating temperatures. This feature enhances the motor's longevity and reliability, ensuring consistent performance even in demanding environments.

1kw 80mm 3000rpm B1 Servo Motor And Servo Driver

Product Applications

CNC Machining

In CNC machining applications, the 1kW B1 Servo Motor provides precise control over tool movements, resulting in high-quality machining operations. Its high-speed performance and accurate positioning capabilities make it suitable for CNC mills, lathes, and routers.

Robotics and Automation

This servo motor is well-suited for robotics and automation systems, where rapid and precise motion control is essential. It can be used in robotic arms, grippers, and automated assembly lines, enhancing productivity and efficiency in various industries.

Packaging Machinery

In packaging machinery, this servo motor facilitates precise and efficient packaging processes. It ensures accurate positioning of packaging materials, reducing waste and improving overall packaging quality. Its high-speed performance enables fast packaging cycles, increasing throughput.

Printing and Labeling Equipment

The servo motor's precise positioning capabilities make it ideal for printing and labeling equipment, where accurate placement of labels and prints is crucial. It ensures consistent print quality and label placement, enhancing the efficiency of printing and labeling processes.

Material Handling Systems

In material handling systems such as conveyor belts and sorting machines, this servo motor provides reliable motion control. Its high-speed performance and precise positioning capabilities enable smooth and efficient material handling operations, improving overall system throughput.

1kw 80mm B1 Servo Motor And Servo Driver



Voltage Power Driver Model Flange (mm) Motor Model Rated Speed (rpm) Rated torque (N*m)
220V 100W EPS-B1 -0D10AA-A000 40 40DNMA2-0D10DKAK 3000rpm 0.32
220V 200W EPS-B1 -0D20AA-A000 60 60DNMA2-0D20DKAK 3000 0. 64
220V 400W EPS-B1 -0D40AA-A000 60 60DNMA2-0D4ODKAK 3000 1.27
220V 750W EPS-B1-0D75AA-A000 80 80DNMA2--0D75CKAK 2000 3.58
220V 750W EPS-B1-0D75AA-A000 80 80DNMA2-0D075DKAK 3000 2,39
220V 750W EPS-B1-0D75AA-A000 90 90DNMA1-0D75DKAM 3000 2.39
220V 750W EPS-B1-0D75AA-A000 90 90DNMA1-0D75CKAM 2000 3.58
220V 1KW EPS-B1 -0001AA-A000 80 80DNMA2--0001DKAK 3000 3.18
220V 1KW EPS-B1 -0001AA-A000 90 90DNMA2-0001DKAK 3000 3.18
220V 1KW EPS-B1 -0001AA-A000 130 130DNMA2-0001AKAM 1000 9.55
220V 1KW EPS-B1 -0001AA-A000 130 130DNMA1-0001BKAM 1500 6.37
220V 1KW EPS-B1 -0001AA-A000 130 130DNMA2-0001CKAM 2000 4.77
220V 1KW EPS-B1 -0001AA-A000 130 130DNMA2-0001DKAM 3000 3.18
220V 1. 2KW EPS-B1 -01D2AA-A000 130 130DNMA2-01D2CKAM 2000 5.73
220V 1.5KW EPS-B1 -01D5AA-M000 130 130DNMA2-01D5AKAM 1000 14.33
220V 1.5KW EPS-B1 -01D5AA-M000 130 130DNMA2-01D5BKAM 1500 9.55
220V 1.5KW EPS-B1-0105A-A000-G 130 130DNMA2-01D5CKAM 2000 7.16
220V 1.5KW EPS-B1-0105A-A000-G 130 130DNMA2-01D5DKAM 3000 4.77
220V 1.8KW EPS-B -01D8A-A000 130 130DNMA2-01D8DKAM 3000 5.73
220V 2KW EPS-B1 -02D2AA-M000 130 130DNMA2-0002BKAM 1500 12.73
220V 2KW EPS-B1 -02D2AA-M000 130 130DNMA2-0002CKAM 2000 9.55
220V 2.7KW EPS-B1 -02D7AA-M000 180 180DNA-27BK1AMS 1500 17.2
220V 3KW EPS-B1-0003AA-A000 130 130DNMA2-0003CKAM 2000 14.33
220V 3KW EPS-B1-0003AA-A000 130 130DNMA2-0003DKAM 3000 9.55
220V 3KW EPS-B1-0003AA-A000 180 180DNA-30AK1AMS 1000 28.6
220V 3KW EPS-B1-0003AA-A000 180 180DNA-30BK1AMS 1500 19.1
220V 3KW EPS-B1-0003AA-A000 180 180DNA-30CK1AMS 2000 14.33
220V 3.7KW EPS-B1-03D7AA-A000 180 180DNA-37AK1AMS 1000 35
220V 4KW EPS-B1-0004AA-A000 142 142DNA-40BK1AMS 1500 25.5
220V 4KW EPS-B1-0004AA-A000 180 180DNA-40BK1AMS 1500 25.5
220V 4KW EPS-B1-0004AA-A000 180 180DNA-40CK1AMS 2000 19 1
220V 4.5KW EPS-B1-04D5AA-A000 130 130DNMA2-04D5DKAM 3000 14.33
220V 4.5KW EPS-B1-04D5AA-A000 180 180DNA-45BK1AMS 1500 28.6
220V 4.5KW EPS-B1-04D5AA-A000 180 180DNA-45CK1AMS 2000 21.5
220V 5KW EPS-B1-0005AA-A000 180 180DNA-50CK1AMS 2000 23.8
220V 5.5xW EPS-B1-05D5AA-A000 180 180DNA-55BK1AMS 1500 35


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