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1500W 130mm 1500rpm B2 Servo Motor And Servo Driver


This powerful B2 servo motor delivers 1500 watts and features a 130mm frame and 1500rpm speed. It is designed to provide excellent torque and stability, making it ideal for industrial and commercial applications.

Power (W)1500

Voltage (V)220

Rated Torque (N·m)9.55

Product Display

1500W 130mm 1500rpm B2 Servo Motor And Servo Driver 1500W 130mm 1500rpm B2 Servo Motor And Servo Driver 1500W 130mm 1500rpm B2 Servo Motor And Servo Driver

Product Feature

High Power Output

This servo motor and driver combination delivers a high power output of 1500W, suitable for applications requiring substantial mechanical force.

Precision Control

Benefit from precise control and accurate positioning, ensuring smooth operation even in demanding industrial environments.

Optimized Speed

With a maximum speed of 1500 RPM, this servo motor offers optimized speed control for various applications.

Durable Construction

The servo motor and driver feature a durable construction, built to withstand heavy-duty usage and ensure long-term reliability.

Advanced Feedback System

Equipped with an advanced feedback system, providing precise feedback for enhanced control and performance.

1500W 130mm 1500rpm B2 Servo Motor And Servo Driver

Product Applications

Industrial Machinery

Deploy in industrial machinery such as presses, injection molding machines, and metalworking equipment for high-power applications.

Material Handling

Use in material handling systems for precise positioning and efficient movement of heavy loads in warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Wind Turbines

Integrate into wind turbine pitch control systems to ensure optimal blade positioning for efficient energy generation.

Test and Measurement Equipment

Utilize in test and measurement equipment for accurate positioning and control in research and development laboratories.

1500W 130mm 1500rpm B2 Servo Motor And Servo Driver



Voltage(V) Power Driver Model Flange(mm) Motor Model Servo
Rated speed (r/min) Torque(N.M)
220 100W EPS-B2-0D10AA-A000 40 40DNMA2-0D10DKAM 3000 0.32
200W EPS-B2-0D20AA-A000 60 60DNMA2-0D20DKAK 3000 0.64
400W EPS-B2-0D40AA-A000 60 60DNMA2-0D40DKAK 3000 1.27
750W EPS-B2-0D75AA-A000 80 80DNMA2-0D75DKAK 3000 2.39
80 80DNMA2-0D75CKAK 2000 3.58
90 90DNMA1-0D75DKAM 3000 2.39
90 90DNMA1-0D75CKAM 2000 3.58
1KW EPS-B2-0001AA-A000 80 80DNMA2-0001DKAK 3000 3.18
130 130DNMA2-0001CKAM 2000 4.77
1.5KW EPS-B2-01D5AA-A000 130 130DNMA2-01D5AKAM 1000 14.33
130 130DNMA2-01D5 BKAM 1500 9.55
EPS-B2-01D5AA-A000-G 130 130DNMA2-01D5CKAM 2000 7.16
130 130DNMA2-01D5DKAM 3000 4.77
2KW EPS-B2-02D2AA-A000-G 130 130DNMA1-02D2BKAM 1500 12.73
EPS-B2-02D2AA-A000 130 130DNMA1-02D2CKAM 2000 9.55
3KW EPS-B2-0003AA-A000 130 130DNMA2-0003CKAM 2000 14.33
130 130DNMA2-0003DKAM 3000 9.55


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