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14.5inch 24-48V 300/500w DC electric Geared Hub Motor


This 14.5inch 24-48V 300/500w DC electric geared hub motor provides powerful, reliable, and efficient operation for a range of applications. It is constructed with an integrated controller for ease of installation, and is also highly durable and vibration resistant for maximum performance and longevity.

Power (W)300/500

Voltage (V)24-48

Rated speed (rpm)300-1200

Product Display

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Product Feature

Wide Voltage Range

This electric geared hub motor is compatible with voltage inputs ranging from 24V to 48V, offering flexibility for various power supply configurations.

Efficient Power Output

With power options ranging from 300W to 500W, this motor delivers efficient power output, providing sufficient propulsion for electric vehicles.

Geared Design

Equipped with a geared design, this motor offers improved torque and efficiency, making it suitable for applications requiring high torque at low speeds.

Compact Size

Featuring a compact size, this hub motor is easy to integrate into electric vehicle systems, ensuring space-efficient installation.

Product Applications

Electric Bicycles

Designed specifically for electric bicycles, this hub motor offers efficient propulsion, allowing for smoother rides and reduced pedaling effort.

Electric Scooters

With its wide voltage range and geared design, this motor is ideal for electric scooters, providing reliable propulsion and improved performance.

Electric Wheelchairs

Due to its compact size and efficient power output, this hub motor can be used in electric wheelchairs, offering mobility assistance with enhanced efficiency.

Personal Mobility Devices

Whether used in hoverboards or electric skateboards, this motor serves as a reliable propulsion system for various personal mobility devices, ensuring smooth and effortless movement.



Model LY145
Rim size 14.5 inch
Rated voltage DC 24/36V/48V
Rated power 250-500W
No-load speed 12km/h
Tyre 14.5x7-6,vacuum tire
Diameter with tyre 360mm


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