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12V 300W 0.96 Nm 3000 rpm 31.2A Brushless DC Motor


Model TypeDC Motor


Voltage (V)12

Rated Speed (rpm)3000

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Discover our factory-priced 12V 300W brushless DC motor, ideal for electric vehicles. With a rated speed of 3000 rpm, a rated torque of 0.96 Nm, and a rated current of 31.25A, this motor delivers precise torque and rotation speed. It offers high efficiency and controllability, ensuring optimal performance.

Upgrade your projects with our affordable and efficient 300W brushless DC motor. This 12V motor features a rated speed of 3000 rpm, a rated torque of 0.96 Nm, and a rated current of 31.25A. Its 3-phase design enables high efficiency, with a working efficiency of up to 85%. It can continuously control at maximum rotational torque, providing reliable and precise operation.

Product Feature

  • Stable Speed Control: The 12V brushless motor allows for precise speed control by continuously adjusting the voltage based on a feedback signal, ensuring stable operation even under varying loads.
  • Thin and High Power: With a permanent magnet brushless rotor, the 3-phase DC motor achieves a compact and high-power design.
  • Wide Speed Control Range: The 300W brushless DC motor offers a wider speed control range compared to AC motors and inverters. It operates smoothly from low to high speeds with consistent torque.
  • Energy-Saving Benefits: By utilizing a permanent magnet rotor, the brushless DC motor reduces rotor losses, resulting in over 20% energy savings compared to variable frequency-controlled three-phase induction motors.
  • Equipped with Protection Function: The 12V 300W BLDC motor is equipped with built-in protection functions to ensure the safety of the equipment system.
  • Instantaneous Maximum Torque Line: The motor generates maximum torque upon startup, but exceeding this torque will activate over-current protection, causing the motor to stop.
  • Short-Time Operation Area: The motor can operate within this torque range for short durations at different speeds. Prolonged operation may cause overheating and potential motor failure.
  • Rated Operating Torque Line: The motor's rated torque allows for long-term operation at different speeds while maintaining reliable performance.
  • Continuous Operating Area: The motor operates continuously within this specific torque range as the speed varies.

Product Applications


12V 300W Brushless DC motors find extensive applications in our daily lives. They are widely used in electric bicycles, inverter air conditioners, washing machines, drones, automobiles, CNC machine tools, polishing and grinding equipment, packaging machinery, tools, turnstiles, industrial control, medical machinery, automation, AGV trolleys, aerospace, and intelligent storage equipment, among others. These motors offer exceptional performance and reliability, making them an indispensable component in various industries.

12V 300W 0.96 Nm 3000 rpm 31.2A Brushless DC Motor

Tips: Why is the 12V 300W DC brushless motor used in the centrifuge?

The reason is simple. 12V 300W brushless motor has a small size, high precision, high efficiency, low noise and long life. The high integration of the centrifuge makes the structure of the centrifuge more compact, so the BLDC motor will have more advantages than the brushed motor.



12V 300W 0.96 Nm 3000 rpm 31.2A Brushless DC Motor
Model: BLDC-D5BLD300
Matched Controller Model: BLD-750
Rated Power: 300W
Rated Voltage: 12V
Rated Current: 31.25A
Phase: 3 phase
Rated Torque: 0.96 Nm
Max Torque: 2.87Nm
Rated Speed: 3000 rpm
No-load Current: <7.2A
Square Flange Size: 86mm
Insulation Grade: F
Working Efficiency: 71%
Protection Grade: IP54
Motor Lead Length: 1 meter
Certificate: CE, RoHS, ISO
Weight: 6 kg

Note: Power, Voltage, Speed, Shaft, Motor Length, and Motor Lead of BLDC Motors can be customized.

12V 300W 0.96 Nm 3000 rpm 31.2A Brushless DC Motor
Power Wire Hall Wire
Red U Red 5V
Yellow V Black GND
Black W Blue Hu
Green Hv
White Hw


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