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120W Brush DC Gear Motor


This 120W Brush DC Gear Motor is a high-performance motor that can provide up to 120 Watts of power with high torque and no maintenance requirements. With high reliability and efficiency, it's the perfect choice for powering a variety of heavy-duty applications.

Model TypeBrush DC Gear Motor

Output Power (W)120

Voltage (V)12/24/90

Speed with Load (rpm)2500/2600

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A Brush DC Motor, which is powered by direct current, allows for precise speed control. The Brush DC Motor provides constant and consistent current by using rings to power a magnetic drive that powers the motor's armature. The Brush DC Motor, perhaps one of the oldest utilized motors, is widely employed due to its ability to change the speed-torque ratio in practically any manner.

Product Feature

High Torque and Power

Delivers up to 120 Watts of power, providing the optimal balance of torque and speed for heavy-duty applications without maintenance woes.

Variable Voltage Compatibility

Compatible across multiple voltages (12V, 24V, 90V), offering versatility and ease of integration into various electrical systems.

Precise Speed Control

Ensures precise control over motor speed with load speeds of 2500/2600rpm, meeting exact application requirements.

Efficient Operation

Features a highly efficient design, ensuring consistent performance and reliability across diverse operational conditions.

Durable Construction

Boasts a robust construction and is built for a long operational life with a brush life of 2000 hours, standing up to demanding usage.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Engineered for hassle-free installation and minimal maintenance, enhancing user convenience and reducing downtime.

Product Applications

Conveyor Systems

Reliably propels conveyor belts in industrial settings, ensuring smooth operations and material handling efficiency.

Automated Machinery

Provides the necessary power and precision for various machines in automated production lines.

Healthcare Equipment

Essential for medical devices requiring high torque, including lifts and adjustable beds, ensuring patient comfort and safety.

Automotive Accessories

Ideal for powering critical automotive systems such as power windows and seats, blending power with precise control.

Construction Equipment

Suits heavy-duty construction tools, enabling robust performance in demanding environments.

DIY Projects

Perfect for enthusiasts looking to build or enhance personal projects with reliable and efficient motorization.



Model Voltage(V)     Power(W)     No-load Speed(r/min) No-load Current(A) Load Speed(r/min) Load Torque(mN.m) Load Current(A) Brush Life(H) Weight(kg)
L5D120-12 12 120 3100 2.0Max. 2500 458 15 2000 2.2
L5D120-24 24 120 3200 1.0Max. 2600 441 7 2000 2.2
L5D120-90 90 120 3000 0.3Max. 2600 441 2 2000 2.2


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