120W AC Induction Motor with Gear
120W AC Induction Motor with Gear
120W AC Induction Motor with Gear
120W AC Induction Motor with Gear
  • 120W AC Induction Motor with Gear

  • Motor Type:Induction Motor
    Output Power (W):120
    Voltage (V/Hz):100-380 50/60
    Rated Speed (r/min):1250/1550
    Rated Torque (mN.m):750/930
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Model Type Above:gearbox below in():round shaft Output power W Voltage V Frequency Hz Current A Starting torque mN.m Rated tourque mN.m Rated speed r/min Capacitor μF
Lead Wire Type Terminal Box Type
5IK120GU-AF (5IK120A-AF) 5IK120GU-AFT (5IK120A-AFT) 120 1ph100 50 2.1 600 930 1250 30
5IK120GU-AF (5IK120A-AF) 5IK120GU-AFT (5IK120A-AFT) 120 1ph100 60 2.5 600 750 1550 30
5IK120GU-EF (5IK120A-EF) 5IK120GU-EFT (5IK120A-EFT) 120 1ph110 60 1.65 600 750 1550 25
5IK120GU-EF (5IK120A-EF) 5IK120GU-EFT (5IK120A-EFT) 120 1ph120 60 1.8 600 750 1550 25
5IK120GU-CF (5IK120A-CF) 5IK120GU-CFT (5IK120A-CFT) 120 1ph220 50 1 650 930 1250 7
5IK120GU-CF (5IK120A-CF) 5IK120GU-CFT (5IK120A-CFT) 120 1ph230 50 0.95 650 930 1250 7
5IK120GU-HF (5IK120A-HF) 5IK120GU-HFT (5IK120A-HFT) 120 1ph220 60 1 600 750 1550 7
5IK120GU-HF (5IK120A-HF) 5IK120GU-HFT (5IK120A-HFT) 120 1ph230 60 0.95 600 750 1550 7
5IK120GU-SF (5IK120A-SF) 5IK120GU-FFT (5IK120A-FFT) 120 3ph220 50 0.7 1850 930 1250  
5IK120GU-SF (5IK120A-SF) 5IK120GU-FFT (5IK120A-FFT) 120 3ph220 60 0.6 1600 750 1550  


The ac induction motor has become the most often used motor due to the phenomenal expansion of the ac power system. The ac motor has a more straightforward construction and is simpler to produce than a dc motor because it lacks a commutator, which makes it straightforward to create motors with high speeds, high voltages, huge currents, and enormous capacities. The power of an alternating current motor may vary from a few watts to hundreds of thousands of kilowatts or even a million kilowatts.


  • 1. Outstanding torque characteristics
  • 2. Instant start/stop
  • 3. Reliable starting and directional stability
  • 4. Near-silent operation for noise-sensitive applications
  • 5. Under rated frequency, the speed status is invariable and unaffected by voltage.
  • 6. Winding will not be damaged if the motor is overwhelmed or abruptly stopped.
  • 7. High-quality engineering guarantees a quiet and long-lasting performance.


AC induction motors have great efficiency, no odor, no pollution, and produce little noise. It is extensively utilized in industrial and production, transportation, military, commercial and domestic appliances, medical appliances and equipment due to its many benefits.

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