120W 220v 3phase ac gear brake motor
120W 220v 3phase ac gear brake motor
120W 220v 3phase ac gear brake motor
120W 220v 3phase ac gear brake motor
  • 120W 220v 3phase ac gear brake motor

  • Motor Type:Brake motor
    Output Power (W):120
    Voltage (V/Hz):220 50/60
    Rated Speed (r/min):1250/1550
    Rated Torque (mN.m):750/930
  • 1 piece

    $98.53 - $117.15
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Motor Type
Lead Wire Type
Rating Output power
Starting torque
Rated tourque
Rated speed
Pinion Shaft Round Shaft
5RK120GU-AFM 5RK120A-AFM 30min 120 1ph100 50 2.25 700 930 1250 35
120 1ph100 60 2.85 700 750 1550 35
5RK120GU-EFM 5RK120A-EFM 30min 120 1ph110 60 1.9 650 750 1550 30
120 1ph120 60 1.9 720 750 1550 30
5RK120GU-CFM 5RK120A-CFM 30min 120 1ph220 50 1.15 720 930 1250 8
120 1ph230 50 1.15 720 930 1250 8
5RK120GU-HFM 5RK120A-HFM 30min 120 1ph220 60 1.2 720 750 1550 8
120 1ph230 60 1.2 720 750 1550 8
5IK120GU-SFM 5IK120A-SFM Cont 120 3ph220 50 0.7 930 930 1250  
120 3ph220 60 0.6 750 750 1550


A brake motor is a motor that has a brake and is appropriate for devices that need quick braking and have a holding function. The brake operates in such a way that it engages when the electrical power to the motor is turned off or fails. When the power is turned off, the brake will activate an immediate stop, which may help to keep the loading and position stable.


  • 1. Capable of doing quick braking
  • 2. Basic position-maintenance feature
  • 3. Proven dependability and longevity
  • 4. Excellent adaptability for customized solutions
  • 5. Different voltages and frequencies
  • 6. Can be used in conjunction with a gear box to maintain a constant speed, and the reduction ratio varies greatly


Brake motors are utilized for many applications where instantaneous halting of the driving load is needed. Brake motors are appropriate for the instant stop or vertical lift mechanisms in packing machines, food machines, automation equipment, conveyor systems, CNC machines, and other equipment. Customers may also choose motors that comply with UL and CE safety requirements.

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