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120W 1phase Micro AC Gear Motor


This 120W AC Gear Motor is a single-phase, low-voltage motor featuring a custom gearbox design for performance and reliability. Offering high torque and low speed, this motor is ideal for a range of applications that demand uninterrupted operation.

Model TypeReversible Motor

Output Power (W)120

Voltage (V/Hz)100-230 50/60

Rated Speed (r/min)1250/1550

Product Display

Reversible motors have an included basic brake that allows them to stop and change direction in a reasonable amount of time, making them the ideal choice for situations where the motor has to change direction regularly. Reversible motors are available in power ranges from 6W to 120W, and users may choose a gearbox with a parallel shaft to lower output speed and increase torque.

Product Feature

Segmented Power Range

Our 1phase Micro AC Gear Motor has power ranges from 6W to 120W, broad enough to cater for varying demands of many applications.

Reversible Operation

This motor features a basic brake, facilitating it to stop and change direction in a reasonable amount of time. Making it a perfect fit for situations where the motor needs to change direction regularly.

High-performance Custom Gearbox Design

We offer a motor with a custom gearbox design, embedding high torque, and low speed, primed for applications that require uninterrupted operation.

High Overload Capacity

The motor sustains high capacity for overload, thereby assuring reliable and long-lasting operation.

Energy Efficient

Our product design prioritizes minimal energy consumption while providing outstanding performance, thereby guaranteeing cost-effectiveness and ecological sustainability.

Product Applications

Industrial Machinery

Our AC gear motor is ideal for the rigors of heavy machinery where consistent power and adaptability to varying loads are a necessity. It can withstand demanding industrial environments and provide reliable performance in applications such as conveyor systems, industrial mixers, and heavy-duty equipment.


The precision and variability in speed of our AC gear motor make it an excellent choice for robotics. It offers fine control and dependability, enabling precise movement and positioning of robotic components. It is suitable for applications in industrial automation, collaborative robots (cobots), and other robotic systems.

Automotive Applications

Our AC gear motor finds application in the automotive industry, particularly in equipment that requires torque and reverse functionality. It can be used in assembly lines, maintenance platforms, and other automotive machinery where reliable and versatile motor operation is essential.

Agricultural Equipment

Our AC gear motor flawlessly fits into agricultural machinery that demands high torque for processing, harvesting, or material handling. It can power agricultural equipment such as conveyors, grain augers, harvesters, and feed mixers, providing the necessary strength and reliability for agricultural applications.

Home Appliance Manufacturing

With its adaptability and efficiency, our AC gear motor is a prime choice for manufacturers of home appliances. It is suitable for applications in appliances that require quiet operation, durability, and precise control, such as washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and more.



Model Type
below in():round shaft
Output power
Starting torque
Rated tourque
Rated speed
Lead Wire Type Terminal Box Type
5RK120GU-AF 5RK120GU-AFT 120 1ph100 50 2.25 700 930 1250 35
(5RK120A-AF) (5RK120A-AFT) 120 1ph100 60 2.85 700 750 1550 35
5RK120GU-EF 5RK120GU-EFT 120 1ph110 60 1.9 650 750 1550 30
(5RK120A-EF) (5RK120A-EFT) 120 1ph120 60 1.9 720 750 1550 30
5RK120GU-CF 5RK120GU-CFT 120 1ph220 50 1.15 720 930 1250 8
(5RK120A-CF) (5RK120A-CFT) 120 1ph230 50 1.15 720 930 1250 8
5RK120GU-HF 5RK120GU-HFT 120 1ph220 60 1.2 720 750 1550 8
(5RK120A-HF) (5RK120A-HFT) 120 1ph230 60 1.2 720 750 1550 8


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