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10W Brush DC Gear Motor


This 10W Brush DC Gear Motor is perfect for powering a wide variety of applications, ranging from automation equipment to robotic systems. With a no-load speed of 200 RPM and a gear ratio of 10, this motor is highly efficient and provides plenty of torque.

Model TypeBrush DC Gear Motor

Output Power (W)10

Voltage (V)12/24/90

Speed with Load (rpm)2800/3000

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A Brush DC Motor, which is powered by direct current, allows for precise speed control. The Brush DC Motor provides constant and consistent current by using rings to power a magnetic drive that powers the motor's armature. The Brush DC Motor, perhaps one of the oldest utilized motors, is widely employed due to its ability to change the speed-torque ratio in practically any manner.

Product Feature

Durable Construction

This 10W brush DC gear motor uses high precision silent ball bearings, alloy steel gears, and pure copper for increased torque. The precision-cast housing is made out of durable cast iron material that dissipates heat effectively.

Efficient Design

Equipped with a high-load operation capability, this motor operates without shaking for a longer life. The silent bearing and the use of pure copper contribute to its high conductivity and increase the motor torque.

High-Performance Output

With a no-load speed of 200 RPM and a gear ratio of 10, this motor offers reliable, efficient, and high-torque output for demanding applications.

Compact and Versatile

The motor's compact size allows for space-efficient installations, making it suitable for a variety of applications, from automation equipment to robotic systems.

Product Applications

Automation Equipment

Its robust design and high torque output make it perfect for use in automation equipment, delivering reliable performance for demanding tasks.

Robotic Systems

The motor's compact design and quiet operation make it ideal for use in robotic systems that require precision and speed control.

Versatile Use

Thanks to its accommodating voltage range and customizable speed, the brush DC gear motor is highly versatile, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Indoor Applications

The motor's robust construction, reliable performance, and efficient design make it a suitable choice for various indoor applications.



The 10W DC motor is a brushed motor with the advantages of low noise, high torque and long life

*Silent Bearing:High precision silent ball bearing highload operation,no shaking longer life

*Gear Set:Use alloy steel gears,high precision high hardness,strong wear resistance and increase motor torque

*Pure copper :Strong conductivity increase torque

*Precision-cast housing: The cast iron material is harder than ordinary case, The heat dissipation effect is better, firm and durable

Model Voltage(v) Out put Power(w) No-load Parameters Load Parameters Brush Life(H) Motor Weight(Kg)
Speed(r/min) Current(A) Speed(r/min) Torque(mN.m) Current(A)
Z2D10-12 12 10 3200 1.0Max 2800 34 2.0 2000 0.7
Z2DW10-12 12 10 3200 1.0Max 2800 34 2.0 2000 0.7
Z2D10-24 24 10 3200 1.0Max 3000 32 0.9 2000 0.7
Z2DW10-24 24 10 3200 1.0Max 3000 32 0.9 2000 0.7
Z2D10-90 90 10 3000 1.0Max 2800 34 0.6 2000 0.7
Z2DW10-90 90 10 3000 1.0Max 2800 34 0.6 2000 0.7


Motor voltage, power and speed can be customized according to customer requirements under the conditions of accessories size and other conditions

If W is added after D, it means an external brush gear motor, if there is no W, it is a standard built-in brush gear motor;

for external brush motor, user can replace brush externally; built-in brush motor replaces brush When motor needs to be disassembled, it can be replaced

Parallel Shaft Gearhead (Sold Separately)

Gearhead Type Gearhead Model Gear Ratio
Long Life.Low Noise
3、 3.6、 5、 6、 7.5、 9、 12.5、 15、 18、 25、 30、 36、 50、 60、 75、 90、 100、 120、 150、 180、 200
Type Gear Ratio 3 3.6 5 6 7.5 9 10 12.5
Z2D10-24GN Speed(r/min) 1000 833 600 500 400 333 300 240
Torque N.m
0.08 0.09 0.13 0.15 0.19 0.23 0.26 0.32
Type Gear Ratio 15 18 20 25 30 36 40 50
Z2D06-24GN Speed(r/min) 200 167 150 120 100 83 75 60
0.39 0.46 0.46 0.58 0.70 0.84 0.93 1.16
Type Gear Ratio 60 75 90 100 120 150 180 200
Z2D06-24GN Speed(r/min) 50 40 33 30 25 20 17 15
1.25 1.75 1.88 2.09 2.51 3.00 3.00 3.00

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