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100W 380V Horizontal Vertical AC Gear Induction Motor

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100W 380V Horizontal Vertical AC Gear Induction Motor

This 6W brushed DC motor provides 12V power at a rate of 3200RPM. It's an ideal choice for applications requiring a reliable, small size motor with low noise and vibration levels.

Motor TypeReversible Motor

Output Power (W)300

Voltage (V)220

Rated Speed (rpm)1380/1680

The following are the specifications that our company's Micro AC gear motors 100w 1/8hpcan achieved. You can also contact us to tell us the power, voltage, torque and other parameters you need. We can accept and customize. and You can also contact us for drawings and detailed parameters.
Band name
Output Power
100w 1/8hp
Gearbox type
Gearbox ratio
110v 115v 220v 230v 380v 415v 440v 460v
50Hz 60Hz
Single phase Three phase
Rated Speed
1350/1680 r/min
0.6-21 A
Output shaft torque
0.19-127 kg/m
Continuous Running
Tem:-10℃ ~ +40℃
Motor Shaft type
Pinion shaft Round shaft Keyway
Accessories that can be added
gear box
Terminal box
w/fan w/ forced fan
eleceromagnetic brake

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100W 380V Horizontal Vertical AC Gear Induction Motor

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Robust and Reliable

Our AC gear motor is made with durable copper wire stator windings, ensuring a robust and reliable construction. It offers low heat generation and minimal power losses, resulting in a longer lifespan and improved efficiency.

Efficiency Driven

The motor is designed with a double ball-bearing configuration that reduces friction and enhances efficiency. It also features oil-sealed bearings for enhanced safeguarding. These design elements ensure smooth operation, reduce wear and tear, and contribute to the overall efficiency of the motor.

Powerful Performance

Our AC gear motor delivers high-torque output and is designed with precision gears. This combination ensures powerful and reliable performance. Additionally, the motor's design minimizes noise during operation and enables precise positioning, making it suitable for applications that require silent and accurate movement.

Compact Adaptability

The AC gear motor is compact in size, making it suitable for applications with specific size constraints. Despite its small footprint, it maintains high efficiency and performance. Its compact design allows for versatile installation options and integration into various systems.

Precise Control

The motor is equipped with a rotation control switch that enables versatile operational capabilities. It allows for both positive and negative rotations, providing precise control over the motor's movement. This feature enhances the motor's adaptability and usability in different applications.

100W 380V Horizontal Vertical AC Gear Induction Motor

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Automobile Innovation

Leveraging the motor's high torque and precise control, it is ideal for use in power windows, wipers, cooling fans, and powered seats in the automotive industry. It enhances automobile innovation by providing reliable and efficient movement in various automotive components.

Industrial Automation Precision

From conveyor belt systems to robotic systems, our AC gear motor's accuracy in positioning makes it superior for industrial automation applications. It ensures precise movement and positioning of machinery, contributing to efficient and reliable industrial automation processes.

Household Utility

Everyday appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and power tools function smoothly due to our AC motor's reliable operation and control. It provides the necessary power and precision for efficient and effective operation of household appliances.

Office Equipment Efficiency

Printers, copiers, scanners, and shredders benefit from our AC motor's control over paper movement and other components. It enables smooth and precise operation, enhancing the efficiency and performance of office equipment.

HVAC System Control

Used in HVAC systems for controlling dampers, airflow, and fan speed, our AC gear motor ensures comfortable climate control within spaces. It enables precise control over ventilation and airflow, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of HVAC systems.

Robotics Accuracy

Our AC gear motor is trusted in robotics for its precise motion control, positioning, and articulation of robotic components. It enables accurate and controlled movement in robotic systems, contributing to the precision and reliability of robotic applications.

Medical Equipment Assurance

Employed in medical equipment like hospital beds, wheelchairs, and surgical instruments, our AC motor ensures smooth and controlled movements. It provides reliability and precision in medical equipment, contributing to patient comfort and safety.

Renewable Energy Optimization

Within renewable energy systems, our AC gear motor's positioning and orientation mechanisms optimize energy capture in solar and wind systems. It enables precise movement and adjustment of components, maximizing energy generation and efficiency in renewable energy applications.

100W 380V Horizontal Vertical AC Gear Induction Motor

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