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1000W 48V 8Inch 60KM Per Hour wide tire wheel hub motor


This powerful 1000W 48V 8Inch wheel hub motor has a top speed of 60KM per hour and wide tires to provide a stable ride. With a robust 48V output, you can rest assured of excellent power delivery and reliable performance.

Model TypeHub Motor

Output Power (W)1000

Voltage (V)48

Rated Speed (km/h)60

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1000W 48V 8Inch 60KM Per Hour wide tire wheel hub motor

Product Feature

High Power and Efficiency

This hub motor offers a power of 1000W and a top speed of 60km per hour, ensuring high performance and efficiency for a variety of applications.

Wide Application Range

Seamless integration with e-trikes, e-bikes, and utility vehicles. Caters to diverse commercial and industrial needs.

Energy-Efficient Design

Optimized for enhanced power utilization and extended range. Reduces operational costs and improves sustainability.

Volume Pricing and Customization

Bulk order discounts are available for fleet purchases, with the ability to tailor specifications to unique business requirements.

1000W 48V 8Inch 60KM Per Hour wide tire wheel hub motor

Product Applications

Last-Mile Delivery Services

Hub motors can power electric cargo bikes and trikes used by companies for efficient last-mile delivery in urban areas, reducing emissions and improving logistics.

Mobility Solutions for the Elderly and Disabled

Hub motors can power lightweight electric mobility scooters and wheelchairs, providing independence and improved accessibility for the elderly and individuals with disabilities.

Recreational and Adventure Tourism

Outdoor adventure companies can integrate hub motors into electric mountain bikes, fat bikes, and all-terrain vehicles for eco-friendly tours and excursions in rugged environments.

Facility and Campus Transportation

This hub motor is an ideal choice for enhancing the efficiency of transportation within facilities and campuses, offering an eco-friendly mobility solution.

1000W 48V 8Inch 60KM Per Hour wide tire wheel hub motor



Motor 8 inch Brushless Gearless motor
Rated voltage 48v
Highest power 1000w
Brake type Drum/Disc brake
Tire Model 200*90mm
Tire Width 90mm
Max Torque 11 N.M
Max Speed 60km/h
Current Limit 25A
Open size 130MM
Load Weight 150KG
Diameter 200MM
Weight 5.5KG


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