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Stepper motor application considerations

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Stepper motor application considerations

2023-12-18 17:47:22

Stepper motors are used in a wide variety of industries for their precise motion and ability to rotate in small, accurate steps. They are commonly used in applications such as printers, CNC machine tools, and robotics. However, several factors must be considered during the application of stepper motors in order to ensure proper performance and longevity of the motors.

Application Notes

  • Stepper motor used in low-speed occasions, usually less than 1,000 revolutions per minute, during which the stepper motor's efficiency is high and has low noise. Such as our common printers use the motor to stepper motor-based, printer in the stepper motor speed is generally about 200 rpm, and some high-end models can reach 600 rpm or even higher.

  • Stepper motor is best not to use the whole not state, the whole step state of the stepper motor vibration is relatively large, may be accompanied by a certain amount of noise, and the performance of the stepper motor will also have a negative impact.

  • Due to historical reasons, in addition to the motor labeled as 12V voltage using 12V, the other motor voltage value is not the drive voltage volts. You can choose the drive voltage according to the driver (Suggestion: DC 12V-24V for 42 motors, DC 24-36V for 57 motors), of course, 12 volts can be used in addition to the 12V constant voltage drive can also be used in other drive power supply, but you need to consider the temperature rise.

  • Stepper motor in the higher speed state or drive a large inertia load, generally not to start the working speed, and the use of gradual increase in the frequency of the speed of the way to start. This way starts not only to avoid the motor out of step but also to reduce noise and improve the positioning accuracy of the stop.

  • When used in some high-precision applications, this should be done through the use of a subdivided drive or mechanical deceleration.


With these considerations, you can achieve precise position and speed control with excellent stability in your application.

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