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Outlook for the future development of energy-saving motors

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Outlook for the future development of energy-saving motors

2023-03-08 17:17:26

Recently, Infinitum, creators of hollow motors, winner of three CES 2023 Innovation Awards, announced at AHR Expo their new motor, which they say is a sustainable motor designed for data center cooling applications. The motors, which expand on the company's Aircore EC motor range, address the unique needs of data centers to reduce power requirements and energy consumption.

Why do we need to keep developing new motors?

Before the invention and creation of many modern motor motors, both industrial production and people's lives used traditional motors. Traditional motors bring a lot of convenience compared to human power, but they also have some disadvantages.

  • Low efficiency: Conventional motors are typically less efficient than modern motor technology. This low efficiency leads to higher energy losses and lower overall performance, resulting in higher energy costs and shorter service life.
  • Maintenance: Conventional motors require regular maintenance, including oil changes and bearing replacements, which are time-consuming and costly. This can lead to frequent downtime and reduced productivity.
  • Size and weight: Traditional motors are often large and heavy, which makes them difficult to install and use in limited spaces.
  • High Temperature Operation: Conventional motors generate a lot of heat during operation, which can lead to reduced efficiency and shorter life. This is because high temperatures can cause the insulation on the windings to decompose and degrade over time.

According to the statistical analysis of energy consumption in modern society, conventional electric motors consume more than half of the world's electricity. Conventional motors cause higher energy losses and lower overall performance due to lower efficiency, which leads to higher energy costs and shorter service life. In addition to this, energy efficient and lightweight motors are becoming more and more popular and valued as the world's energy consumption problem intensifies and resource consumption expands. It is due to these shortcomings in the use of traditional motors that people continue to improve it. A variety of new motors have been created. Infinitum's motors are designed with lightweight printed circuit board stators instead of the large, heavy cores found in conventional motors. These design improvements make Infinitum's motors about 50% smaller and lighter than conventional motors. In addition, energy consumption is reduced by 10% and durability is increased by a factor of 9.

Energy-saving and efficiency are the future direction of development

Increasing the efficiency of energy use can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow global warming. By using less energy to perform the same task, we can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, thus helping to mitigate the effects of climate change. More efficient motors will consume less energy in the long run, reducing energy bills and lowering operating costs in homes, buildings, and industrial facilities, especially when you are running frequent high-duty cycles, and replacing them with energy-efficient motors can often pay for themselves very quickly and save several times the initial cost.

The automotive industry is one of the most complex and technologically advanced industries, which has increasingly adopted energy-efficient motors in recent years due to the high energy consumption of conventional motors. In addition, electric motors are widely used in industrial production, and as industries become highly automated, the demand for energy-efficient motors, which enable industries to save on electricity consumption, is increasing. In the residential and commercial sectors, rising electricity costs and increased awareness are driving the use of energy-efficient motors.


Since its foundation, Lunyee has been paying close attention to the world's development policy and development direction. Over the years, with the concept of energy saving and high efficiency, the company has been committed to developing and producing better and more sustainable motors. The company has launched many motors which are favored by many customers.


The future of energy-efficient motors looks bright as the demand for more efficient and environmentally friendly technologies continues to grow. As global energy demand continues to rise, there is increasing pressure to develop more efficient and sustainable technologies to meet this demand. Electric motors are a major contributor to global energy consumption, so improving their efficiency has become a top priority for many industries and governments.

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