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Classification of engraving machines

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Classification of engraving machines

2024-03-25 14:50:59

There are several main types of engraving machines, each with its own characteristics and applications.Today Lunyee will introduce them to you.Currently, engraving machines on the market can be broadly divided into two categories based on the engraving method: mechanical engraving machines and special engraving machines.

Mechanical engraving machine(also known as CNC engraving machine), this type of engraving machine mainly relies on the high - speed rotation of the spindle motor to drive the tool to process the material.According to the different processing objects and uses, it can be divided into woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, metal engraving machine, etc.

Woodworking engraving machine

This type of machine is the most varied, according to the function can be divided into woodworking processing center with automatic knife function and multi-process engraving machine, with three-dimensional engraving function of the four-axis three-dimensional engraving machine, as well as ordinary woodworking engraving machine derived from the single-head, multi-independent head, multi-trailer head engraving machine, generally using the XY-axis using rack and pinion transmission, Z-axis using screw drive, a few woodworking engraving machine using full-silkscrew drive, the type of The main processing object of the engraving machine as the name suggests is wood, mainly on: plate cutting, hollowing, walking lace, relief engraving and other processing.

Advertising engraving machine

The standard machine models are usually driven by screws, and very few of this type of engraving machine use rack and pinion drive.The main reason is that the hardness of the processed materials is relatively small.In addition, screw drive has higher accuracy and can finely engrave some small products such as badges.The main processing includes: cutting of text signs, 2 D and 3 D engraving of various signs.

Stone carving machine

Most of them adopt rack and pinion drive.The difference from other carving machines is that the bed body generally adopts a trapezoidal bed body design, with a lower center of gravity.The gantry and other sturdy parts are all made of steel.The power of the driving motor and the main spindle motor are relatively large.Main processing: engraving words and flowers on tombstones, making reliefs, carving lines and reliefs on decorative stones, etc.

Laser engraving machine

It processes materials by using laser emitted from laser tube, mainly used in leather and clothing processing industry as well as advertising industry.It can engrave, cut, carve, hollow out complex texts and graphics on genuine leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather, fabric, and also perform computerized embroidery cutting and other processing techniques.

CNC plasma cutting machine

This kind of equipment mainly uses plasma as the heat source for cutting, and is mainly used for cutting steel plates.


Using ultra - high pressure technology, ordinary tap water can be pressurized to a certain pressure and abrasive can be added to it.It is sprayed out through a small - diameter nozzle to form a water jet for material processing.Mainly usedfor cutting hard materials such as steel, ceramics, glass, and stone.


Strictly speaking, the last two types are not considered as engraving machines, but their operating principles are the same as engraving machines, only the cutting methods are different.

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