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Why is the motor overheating?

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Why is the motor overheating?

2022-11-23 14:02:39

If you often use the motor, you may have encountered the problem of motor heating. If the temperature of the motor is too high, it may stop working and cause you a lot of inconveniences. It is necessary to understand the reason your motor has heating problems.

  • The motor is too small for the application. There are many types of motors, and different types of motors also have their scope of application. Overheating problems can arise if your motor is undersized for your
  • High ambient temperature. If the temperature of the motor's operating environment is high, it will also cause the motor to overheat and make cooling the motor more difficult.
  • Too frequent switch clicks. The motor takes a lot of power to start up, and if you only use the motor briefly and then turn it off, and turn it on and off multiple times, the motor can still overheat even if you don't use it for a long time. Many people have a misunderstanding when using the motor. They think that turning off the motor in time after use will help save energy, but they don't know that this will cause significant damage to the motor.
  • High voltage or low voltage power supply. Motors running at high and low voltages generate more heat, and this heat causes the motor to heat up.
  • Clogged ventilation holes. The motor is designed with a cooling system, which can effectively reduce the heat generated during the operation of the motor. But the cooling system is also susceptible to a variety of factors, such as clogged ventilation holes, and too much dust and debris can cause the motor to overheat.


The above five situations can easily cause overheating of the motor. Running the motor in an overheated environment for a long time will reduce its service life, which is not conducive to long-term use.

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