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Why does the motor protector show phase loss?

2022-11-22 10:32:26

Previously, someone has reported that the motor protector shows a phase loss. If you also encountered such a situation, we give three suggestions.

  1. Determine whether the three-phase motor jumps the fireWire. ere you can use a multimeter to measure the voltage between the motor and the battery, and then measure the current between the two phases, the voltage is normally 250V, if the measured results are also 250V, indicating that the problem does not appear here.
  2. If the line trips or the transformer overheats. It may be that when the operating frequency is too high, or the load is large, it causes a short circuit in the motor and thus burns out the thermal element. It may also be that, when the power consumption is concentrated, the fuse of the transformers' low-voltage outlet and the total gate of the power supply in the distribution room are fused.
  3. Motor problems. A broken wire in a phase winding internal connector or poor contact in a wire connector in the motor can cause the protector to display a phase break. In addition, poor contact exists inside the motor or in the incoming wire part.


The motor protector shows a phase loss, which may cause problems with the use of the motor, such as the motor showing a voltage lower than the critical voltage of the energy meter, while the load current is less than the starting current, or it may be caused by a fused line.

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