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Why does a servo motor vibrate?

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Why does a servo motor vibrate?

2023-07-11 17:16:40

Servo motors are precision control motors that rely heavily on feedback loops for precise position and motion control. However, over time, servo motors can generate vibrations that can degrade motor performance or even damage motor components. Considered in terms of mechanical factors, there are several potential sources of vibration that can cause servo motors to vibrate.

Unbalanced rotating parts

The rotor, shaft and any connected parts must be properly balanced to allow the motor to rotate smoothly. Unbalanced rotating parts can cause vibration at the motor's inherent frequency.

Poor gear meshing

Servo motors use spur gears or planetary gears to convert rotary motion into linear motion. If these gears do not mesh properly and have inaccurate tooth contact, this can cause noise and vibration when the servo motor is running. In this case, the gears need to be re-cut or replaced to correct the poor gear meshing.

Bearing wear

As the rotor and shaft oscillate during rotation, degraded or worn bearings can cause excessive friction during motor operation, resulting in noise and vibration.

Loose motor installation

If the servo motor is not securely mounted to a rigid base, its operation will cause loose motor vibration. Proper tightening of the motor mount or re-mounting to a more rigid base will fix the vibration caused by loose mounting.


Mechanically, servo motor vibration is usually caused by a combination of unbalanced rotating parts, poor gear meshing, resonance, bearing wear and loose mounting. With regular maintenance and diagnosis, most sources of vibration in servo motors can be identified and fixed before they seriously affect performance or reliability.

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