Why are stepper motors not selected by power?

2022-12-14 14:43:57

When we choose a motor, we sometimes fall into the misunderstanding, that is, directly select the type according to the power, and the selected stepper motor is often not the most suitable. Stepper motors are generally selected according to the torque and working speed required by the stepper motor, and the stepper motor should be selected by referring to the stepper motor's pitch frequency diagram. For example, the load characteristic is that the working speed is 300rpm and the torque is 2NM. If a stepping motor with a working speed of 1200rpm and a torque output of 0.5Nm is selected, it is likely that the requirements cannot be met, although they have the same power. The former should consider using a 60-step motor, while the latter only needs a 57-step motor to meet the requirements. This is because the pitch-frequency characteristics of stepper motors are not linear in speed and torque. Stepper motors matched with different stepper motor parameters are suitable for different speeds. Stepper motors with high current and low inductance are suitable for high speed, while stepper motors with low current and high inductance are suitable for low speed.

Another important reason is that after the driving conditions of the same stepping motor change, the distance-frequency characteristics will change greatly. For example, when the driving voltage is increased from 24V to 48V, the output power of the stepper motor does not change much at low speed, but the output power at high speed will increase a lot.


In short, when selecting a step motor you still need to decide on the torque and speed you need. Besides, the distance frequency chart is also necessary to help you select the right motor. In addition, it is also advisable to know the output power and voltage of the stepper motor. Multi-angle and multi-faceted considerations will help you to choose a satisfactory motor.

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