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What is the common problem in gearbox?

2023-01-05 15:37:48

The gearbox is a critical device used to change the speed and direction of motion in automobiles, ships, machine tools, and various machines. In this article, we will discuss some common types of gearbox failures, including their causes and potential solutions.

Gear Wear and Misalignment

The gearbox consists of a case, bearings, and gear pairs. The gear system generates speed control, but gears inevitably wear out during the meshing process. Wear can cause tooth profile errors on the gears on the shaft, leading to misalignment. Misalignment refers to the parallel but misaligned shafts at both ends of the coupling. To address this issue, you will need to replace the worn gears or misaligned shafts.

Oil Leakage

Many gearboxes are equipped with an oil tank, which helps to reduce friction and overheating. However, too much oil in the fuel tank can cause overflow. A cracked casing or a loose oil plug can also result in oil leakage. To fix this issue, you will need to replace the damaged components or tighten the oil plug.

Gear Noise

If the shaft of the gearbox is worn or lacks lubrication, it may produce a humming noise. This issue can be resolved by replacing the worn shaft or providing adequate lubrication.

Central Axis Failure

The central shaft of the gearbox is prone to failure. If the central shaft is bent, it can cause tooth profile errors on the gears on this shaft, which can affect the entire gear system's normal operation. To address this issue, you will need to replace the central shaft.


Gear wear, misalignment, oil leakage, gear noise, and central axis failure are common types of gearbox failures. If you encounter problems with your gear system during use, you can check your gearbox in time based on these faults. The gearbox structure plays a vital role in the entire system and has a few failures, but timely maintenance and repair can ensure its smooth operation.

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