What is the common problem in gearbox?

2023-01-05 15:37:48

The gearbox generally consists of a case, bearings and several gear pairs. It is a device used to change the speed and direction of motion, and is generally used in automobiles, ships, machine tools and various machines. The box structure plays a sealing role in the entire system, and there are few failures, so the failure of the gearbox generally occurs on the gears and shafts.

The speed control of the gearbox is generated by the operation of the gear system, but the gears will inevitably wear out during the meshing process.

This fault refers to the fact that the shafts at both ends of the coupling are parallel but misaligned, resulting in tooth profile errors on the gears on the shaft.

Many gearboxes are equipped with an oil tank, which helps to reduce friction and reduce overheating. But if there is too much oil in the fuel tank, it is easy to overflow. In addition, a cracked casing or a loose oil plug can also cause oil leakage.

If the shaft of the gearbox is worn or lacks lubrication, it will produce humming noise.

The central shaft of the gearbox also often fails. If the central shaft is bent, it will cause tooth profile errors on the gears on this shaft. Since the central shaft is located in the center of the gear system, it will affect the normal operation of the entire gear system.

  • Failure due to wear
  • Shaft misalignment
  • Oil leakage
  • Gear noise
  • The central axis is bent


The cause of gearbox failure usually appears on the gears and bearings. If you find that there is a problem with the gear system during use, you can check your gearbox in time based on the above faults.

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