What is a Hybrid Stepper Motor?

2022-12-12 16:18:47

The hybrid stepper motor is a stepper motor designed by combining the advantages of permanent magnet type and reactive type, which is widely used in many industries. According to the number of phases, it is mainly divided into two-phase, three-phase and five-phase motors, where the two-phase motor stepping angle is 1.8 degrees, three-phase motor stepping angle is generally 1.2 degrees, and five-phase motor stepping angle is usually 0.72 degrees. As the number of phases increases, the stepping angle is getting smaller and smaller, and the accuracy will be higher and higher.

Hybrid stepper motors use both a permanent magnet rotor and a toothed rotor and stator in their design. Its stator structure is similar to a variable reluctance or permanent magnet stepper motor. It consists of a number of laminated tooth-shaped cams with excitation coils wound on them. The rotor consists of permanent magnets, each of which is magnetized to either the north or south pole when the windings are wound to the main pole and a current is applied. The direction of the current can determine the magnetic poles. A soft iron is attached to both ends of the north and south poles. The teeth of the rotor are attached to the north and south poles and placed on the shaft. The rotor of the hybrid stepper motor itself is magnetic, so the torque produced at the same current is greater than that of the reactive stepper motor, plus its step angle is smaller and more accurate, therefore, economical CNC machine tools generally need to be driven by hybrid stepper motors.


Hybrid stepper motor is very popular in the market due to their ability to provide high performance and high precision. Compared to permanent magnet and reactive motors, hybrid stepper motors are more suitable for most applications due to the combination of the advantages of both types of motors.

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