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What is a brushless hub motor?

2022-12-01 17:22:27

Brushless hub motor is a type of hub motor, which is widely used in small electric vehicles, electric smooth vehicles, smart parallel vehicles, folding electric vehicles and other fields. The brushless motor also has a rotor and a stator. The rotor of the brushless motor is a permanent magnetic steel, which is connected to the output shaft together with the casing, and the stator is a winding coil. It uses coils and Hall sensors to track the rotor position, sending a signal to the controller. Therefore, brushless motors do not require brushes to operate. The structure of the brushless hub motor is relatively simple, mainly composed of electric core, magnetic induction, winding copper wire, cover and other parts.

Advantages of brushless hub motors

  1. Since the brushless hub motor has no brushes, it does not generate electric sparks during operation, which reduces the interference of electric sparks to the remote control radio.
  2. The friction force is greatly reduced during operation, and the noise generated is also reduced.
  3. Unlike brushed hub motors, brushless hubs do not have the wear and tear of the brushes, which mainly occurs on the bearings.
  4. Brushless hub motors have excellent low-speed torque performance characteristics.


Brushless hub motors are widely used in electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric motorcycles and other industries due to their low cost and low noise.

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